Rinaldo’s Organic Garlic Gold Review

I cook from scratch because the food is better that way. But when someone comes up with a product that’s as good as I would make, but more convenient? Sounds like a winner. So when the fine folks at Rinaldo's Organic asked if I wanted to try their Garlic Gold nuggets, I couldn't wait to give them a try. The Garlic Gold nuggets all start as the same thing: toasted garlic bits. Then they get mixed with Parmesan cheese, sea salt, an Italian herb blend, or left plain. And they’re all 100% … [Read more...]

The difference between green garlic and green onions

Darya over at Summer Tomato is starting to see green garlic showing up at her local farmers market. She's in San Francisco, so her season is a bit ahead of mine, but that means it's getting near time to start thinking about fresh produce. This week she put up a great example of how to tell the difference between green garlic and green onions, as well as a few suggestions for where and how to use the garlic. If you live anywhere colder than San Francisco, you should keep an eye on Darya's … [Read more...]

A Less-effective Way to Roast Garlic

My father-in-law roasts his own garlic all the time. He recently heard of a new technique that was supposed to make it easy to do more at one time, with less mess. I went over to watch him do it. He told me how it would go, and it sounded pretty good. … [Read more...]

How To Make Grill Seasoning

A couple of weeks ago when I made garlic salt I said that I might make up a jar, with some pepper in it, to take on vacation. Well, it's coming up, so I did grill seasoning. … [Read more...]

Home-made Croûtons

When I was growing up, the croûtons you got in a box or bag at the grocery store were tiny little cubes, about the size of dice. Only restaurants had those big "fancy" croûtons. Seeing a marketing opportunity, the manufacturers switched to a large size, which is all you can find in the grocery store now. The problem is that store-bought croûtons have always been pretty crunchy. This wasn't a problem when they were small, but the big ones are getting so they aren't even good on salad any more. … [Read more...]