Review: Finishing Salt from The Meadow

Some people are wine snobs. Excuse me ... connoisseurs. Others are chocolate snobs, or coffee snobs, or beer snobs. (I've heard some of them won't even say they like beer -- they like micro-brews.) But did you know that you can be a salt snob? I've heard stories of people who bring their own salt to restaurants. I know that fleur de sel is the salt that chefs prefer. I've heard of pink Hawaiian salt and a few others. But boy, that's just scratching the surface. … [Read more...]

How To Make Grill Seasoning

A couple of weeks ago when I made garlic salt I said that I might make up a jar, with some pepper in it, to take on vacation. Well, it's coming up, so I did grill seasoning. … [Read more...]

One Simple Rule to Improve Everything You Cook

It's easy to get discouraged when you first start learning to cook for yourself. Nothing tastes as good as what Mom used to make. Heck, you can't even top the stuff that comes out of a box or a can or the frozen-food aisle.If this describes you, there's one thing I'll bet no one has ever told you that will get you through this roadblock: use salt. … [Read more...]