Endorsement Disclaimer

Recommended brands

Sometimes I’ll recommend a specific brand of food or cookware in one of my recipes. These typically aren’t paid endorsements, it’s just telling you what I use. But if the name is a link there’s a good chance it’s an affiliate link — like through Amazon — and I might get a small percentage if you buy after clicking it.

Product reviews

I also do product reviews. You can assume the manufacturer supplied whatever it is I’m writing about. They might also be buying advertising, but my reviews will always state my honest opinion. I warn potential advertisers right on the advertising page that they might not like what I have to say. Even if I’m paid for doing the review, I decide what it’s going to say.

Negative reviews

If I don’t have anything positive to say about a product, I probably just won’t post anything. As of the time I’m writing this, that hasn’t happened.

Paid links

You might see single words or phrases that are linked to a site where you can buy something. Those may be automated. So while I do make something when you click on them, there’s no specific endorsement implied.


When you see a promotion for someone else’s product, you can assume it’s an affiliate link, meaning I get a percentage if you order through me. But I don’t promote just anything … I’ve turned down several opportunities when I didn’t think the product fit with my view of cooking. In other words sure, I’ll make some money from it. But I only share things that I think you’ll really like.

Freebies, giveaways and contests

If you subscribe to one of my newsletters, you’ll occasionally get notifications about special deals. These might be paid placements, or they might be bonuses someone is offering to my readers, and I’m passing it along. (One of my readers won a $1,000 dinnerware set from one of these newsletter offers.)

Books I review are generally provided by the publisher, and I give them away to a reader after I’m done with them. So it actually costs me the postage to do those. I’m working on a way to at least break even on the deal, so this section may change in the future.