Readers’ Absolute Favorites from: How To Cook Like Your Grandmother

Can you believe more than a million people have downloaded these recipes? I know, it blows me away too. But hey, that’s what happens when you give people what they want.

So in the spirit of giving what you want, here they are: The 10 most-requested recipes from How To Cook Like Your Grandmother, all put together in one place.

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What people are saying about it

You are the future — and the past — of food writing and of teaching people to cook. I love the illustrations, the clear directions, and the results I get with your recipes. Got that rack of ribs in the oven right this minute — 160 degrees, sealed up tight. Now to choose the finish. I know I can trust you. Keep em coming.

Linda West Eckhardt
James Beard award winning cookbook author

Drew has been showing people how to make delicious food from scratch for years. With “Readers’ Absolute Favorites” he shows why millions of people trust him to show how good, classic recipes can be fun, easy to make and fit into any lifestyle.

Dinneen Diette
Weight Loss Coach & Certified Health Counselor

This book is incredibly useful to new cooks looking for help in the kitchen. Anyone can understand this kind of cooking.

Darya Pino
Columnist and nutrition editor for the UCSF newspaper, Synapse

If I were to put together a Top Ten List of my favorite posts, it would probably not look anything like the top ten most read posts on my site.

And that’s where Drew’s genius comes in. He doesn’t try to give you what he thinks you want; he gives you what you really do want.

And he knows what you want because he pays attention to his readers. And because he pays attention, you now have access to almost universally enjoyed recipes all in one place.

Chef Jenni Field
Pastry Chef Online

What I like most about Drew’s recipes, website, and publications, is the setting in which they’re prepared. Drew is one of us … an ordinary person. He has invited us into his kitchen as he is preparing food for his family.

Through his photographs of his steps and procedures, we learn right along with him how to prepare a dish. He shares with us along the way his mistakes and his lessons learned, as well as very useful tips and techniques. Great work!

Barbara Cool

Drew Kime has picked the top ten most-viewed and most-commented-on recipes from his blog and combined them in a book. His readers know good recipes when they see them.

The recipes I’ve tried are keepers. I’m particularly fond of the savory recipes. I have to admit that I’m not much of a dessert person, but the peach cobbler and brownies are great!

Sally Killian
Indianapolis, IN

Download the eBook now for only $14.95.

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