A Less-effective Way to Roast Garlic

My father-in-law roasts his own garlic all the time. He recently heard of a new technique that was supposed to make it easy to do more at one time, with less mess. I went over to watch him do it. He told me how it would go, and it sounded pretty good.

If you’ve roasted your own garlic before, odds are you did it still in the bulb. (I’ll be doing that in a couple of weeks.) With this method you peel it first.

Lou likes to peel the cloves with a paring knife. I’ll cover some options in the future.

Chop the peeled cloves into smallish chunks, but don’t mince it, and put in a small loaf pan. A disposable is a really good idea for this.

Add olive oil and stir to make sure everything is coated.

Place the pan in a toaster toaster oven set to 275°.

I strongly recommend the toaster oven. That way you can move it out to the garage to cook. I like garlic as much as the next guy, but if you do this inside you’ll be smelling it for days and days. Easier to just move the toaster oven outside.

Now down here at the bottom I should have the “after” photo. But it didn’t turn out. Not the picture, the garlic. The top layer was burned, the bottom layer was raw. We could try a larger pan, so the garlic isn’t stacked so deep. We could try lower temperature for longer time.

Or we can go back to the method we know works. I’ll probably do that when all the tomatoes are coming in, and I roast the garlic to go in the marinara sauce.

For anyone who got a “Test” email yesterday, sorry about that. I found a site that was copying all my articles — every word and every photo — without permission. I added a copyright notice to the email and RSS feed and had to make sure it works.