How To Make Quiche In A Pan AKA Mega-omelet

I love omelets, but I prefer the onion and pepper cooked a little. Usually this means cooking the veggies first, scooping them back out of the pan, putting the eggs in and putting the veggies back. Last week I thought to myself, “Hey, self. Why don’t you just pour the eggs over the veggies?” Why, that’s a fine idea, self. Thanks for thinking of it.

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How To Make Mexican Chicken Wraps

What’s the difference between a burrito and a “wrap”? Beans, I think. That’s about the only difference I can see. That and wraps are usually cold, although not always. This version – a special request from the 12-year-old – really is some refried beans short of being a cold burrito.

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How To Make Loaded Sweet Potato Chips

Loaded potato skins are great, but bigger ones can be a little much for an appetizer. These are bite-sized, easy to share, and oh by the way they’re crazy delicious.

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How To Make Sautéed Cabbage

When I was making Colcannon for St. Paddy's Day, I very nearly stopped with the sautéed cabbage. It was that good. It took me a couple of weeks to get back to it but I finally did, and it was just as good on its own as I thought it would be. … [Read more...]

How To Make Colcannon

If you're looking for authentic Irish food for St. Patrick's Day, don't go with corned beef and cabbage. That's the American version of Irish food. A bit more authentic is colcannon, which is really more of an idea than a strict recipe. Short version: Cook and mash some root vegetables, sauté some cruciform vegetable (cabbage, leek, broccoli, cauliflower) and mix it all together. Long version ... … [Read more...]