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Your blog has inspired me. It reminds me of the homecooked meals I grew up with and the great family times I had with my grandparents.

Your philosophy about eating real food came at a really good time for me. I’m recovering from binge eating disorder, and found that a lot of my recovery was coming from getting away from diet foods, especially low-fat or no-fat “foods” that exacerbated my disorder.

Thank you, so very much, for working on your blog. Food is so important, and yet so demonized in our society, so it is very refreshing to have someone out there who is talking about food like it’s just, you know, food. for eating? and enjoyment? yeah. it’s great. keep up the good work!


This was absolutely FABULOUS – my family couldn’t wait for me to make it again.


Thanks you so much for providing an easy delicious recipe. I tried this recipe for the first time on November 15th and family just raved about it. I’ve made seven since that day and I’m making two for Thanksgiving!


I love that now she (the neighbor) asks me for cooking advice. I feel proud and accomplished.



It’s like you’re Heloise…but I don’t have to buy a newspaper to get the awesomeness.

Also, we pretty much live by your blog in this house.

Alicia — after More Food Tips

Caught up on your blog this afternoon, and decided that this soup sounded absolutely delicious. So I made it.

Big thumbs up from my hubby Fred. Came out great.

Great recipe, Drew! Thumbs up from Minnesota.

Susskins Minnesota

Drew, trust you to come up with chicken breasts that actually sound GOOD. (Normally I hate white meat!)


Now let me say I think your blog and newsletter are among the best I have found. I have enjoyed reading the blog and look forward to each newsletter. I have also learned a thing or two or three or …..

The story of Roger
Stories like this make all the time spent on this blog worth it.

I think your blog is fantastic! I grew up on far, far too many processed, pre-packaged foods. So, with you as inspiration, I have begun my journey toward cooking from scratch.

Lowell Saint John, NB Canada

I really loved this post. I have been (almost) obsessively following your blog for months now.

Alex — after More Food Tips

Thank you so much! I’ve got a pot on the stove right now. I actually stopped eating tomato soup because I just couldn’t find one I liked, but I love this recipe! It’s so quick and versatile, so I can adjust it to my moods. Today, I’m going spicy!

Thanks again!

Anonymous Pizza Soup fan

Thank you I love your blog but now I really love your blog!!! Your dog is lucky to have you ….if only they were all that lucky!!

I just wanted to let you know how much I absolutely love your site! I’m a mediocre cook at best, so the pictures really help a lot. Last night I made the pork loin chops – just like the picture – and they were very very good, especially with the fried mashed red potatoes…

Anyway, this e-mail is a gushing one for you because of how much I’ve learned from the site and how much I look forward to seeing each new technique and recipe. I’ve been sending links to everyone I know. I just wanted you to know that you rule! Thanks for the site. Your hard work is so worth it!


I want to thank you for reminding me of my great grandma. We kids would go visit the farm every summer for months. I loved it … When we moved away to college and the city life I moved away from fresh milk, grass fed cattle, chickens, ducks, lamb and other animals and fresh eggs … I vowed to find real food again. Even though I had forgotten how to cook it.

I was directed to your blog when I had some questions on how to cook better with butter, lard and real food. The recipes have not let me down yet …

I will order your book on Friday when we get paid, and I will also order the new one when it comes out. I thank you for all these wonderful recipes and reminding me what I had missed the most! Can not wait to see what treats you cook up for the holidays!


The food police would flop over dead if they saw us using whole milk, uncooked eggs, and lard – yes – lard! But we’ve never been happier or felt better… I’ve really learned a lot – but mostly I’ve learned that our grandmothers were right. There is a lot of wisdom there that needs to be revisited.

Keep up the great work – I think everyone under the age of 60 needs your book. [Ed. note — hard to argue with that!]


Now [my husband is] adding a lot more input ”“ actually said we should add some ground red pepper to the potato salad for tomorrow after trying it at a local restaurant. You’ve made him try new things ”“ thank you!

Carole — after How To Make Lemon Bars

I can’t say enough great things about this site and am so glad to be able to share it with others! Keep up the fabulous cooking.

I moved into my own place (again) just over a week ago, which means I can cook the way I want to cook, rather than using my mother’s mistakes (which means shifting away from canola oil, etc.).

Well, I’ve now had several meals along the lines in your books and blog and I found a curious thing: my meat-and-veges was enough! Almost always at mums, I needed a piece of bread afterwards.

Great validation of the “Diet” chapter in “Starting from Scratch”. 🙂

Wade B.