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Chocolate Sugar Cookies

How to Make Chocolate Sugar Cookies

Ever wonder how they make cookies in all those cool shapes? They punch them out through a template. Did you know you can do the same thing at home? Yup, and it’s pretty easy, too.

Oh, but you don’t have to use a cookie press with this recipe. You can just roll them out and use a cookie cutter.


How To Make Buckeyes

I can’t remember whether I ever heard of buckeyes before I came to Ohio, either the candy or the tree. Spend any time here and you’re bound to come across both meanings. I’m going to bet, though, that more Ohioans have seen these than the real thing. They’re basically like a peanut-butter cup, but because […]

Pork Nuggets

How To Make Pork Nuggets

Everyone does chicken wings and chicken nuggets, but maybe you just aren’t into chicken? Don’t you deserve a shareable, dipable little meat snack?

Pea Dip

How To Make Pea Dip

This versatile dip works on vegetables, chips or meat; it only has six ingredients; and it takes about five minutes to make.

Super bowl

Super Snacks Round-up

Apparently there’s some sportsball thing coming up this weekend that people like to use as an excuse to eat snacks. I’m good with that. Here’s some ideas.

All-time Favorites

Bruschetta Pizza

Cooking used to be all about making food that tasted good. But somewhere along the way, we seem to have decided the diet-of-the-week was more important.

How to Cook Like Your Grandmother is a return to recipes and techniques that are based on what tastes good, not on junk science and fad diets. You won't find the words lite, low, lean, free or skim anywhere.

This is all real food, cooked the way Grandma would have done it.