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How A Teen Makes Steak

Teaching your teenager to cook is pretty easy … as long as they like something that actually has to be cooked. If you’ve got a kid who only eats Pizza Rolls and mac and “cheese” from a box you’re going to have a hard time convincing them it’s worth the effort. (And shame on you for not teaching them any better.)

When I told the oldest she was going to learn to cook, there was no doubt the first thing she was going to want to do was steak.

Super Snacks L

Okay, so most people don’t know the Roman numeral for “50” is “L”. Is that any reason not to use it as the title of the biggest sporting event of the year?

Yeah, I guess it is a pretty good reason, actually. BUT! This post isn’t the biggest sporting event of the year. It’s just a pointer to some good snacks you can make to go along with the biggest sporting event of the year, so that’s my title and I’m sticking to it.

How A Teen Makes BBQ Chicken Hash

The teen likes to eat just as much as I like to cook. I figured it’s time for her to learn her way around the kitchen.

She loves when I make hash on the weekend. Whatever meat is left over from the last few nights’ dinners, and some potatoes or beans and we’re good to go.

How To Make Coconut French Toast

Jenn went to a local diner recently and saw something on the menu that took her back: Coconut French toast. She worked at a pancake house in college that had them on the menu. But she never tried them, because there were about 500 other things on the menu.

So now, a mere [mumble] years after college, she finally tried it. She must have liked it, because she ran out and got the ingredients to make it herself.

How To Make Pulled Pork Chili

This week I was making pulled pork, and as much as we like it my family can’t go through seven pounds of it without getting burned out. I’ve done pulled pork nachos before, and that’s where inspiration struck: Instead of just replacing the chili with pulled pork, I’ll make the chili with the pork!

All-time Favorites

Cooking used to be all about making food that tasted good. But somewhere along the way, we seem to have decided the diet-of-the-week was more important.

How to Cook Like Your Grandmother is a return to recipes and techniques that are based on what tastes good, not on junk science and fad diets. You won't find the words lite, low, lean, free or skim anywhere.

This is all real food, cooked the way Grandma would have done it.