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Paul & Jenn with his trophy

Cook Like Your Grandmother: The Next Generation

Paul asked if he could do Jenn’s pumpkin bar recipe at the church bake-off. Well of course he can! First place on his first try. This is how you make the next generation of cooks.

Hoppin' John recipe

How To Make Hoppin’ John

I’m not real big on holiday traditions. Colored lights and cardboard decorations just don’t interest me all that much. But food related traditions, like the Thanksgiving spread or an Easter ham? Yeah, those I’ll do.

I first heard about Hoppin’ John from Michael Ruhlman several years ago. It’s supposed to bring luck in the new year. This is a hearty, one-pot meal that you can serve as-is or with rice or cornbread. Like many soups, it’s better the second day. Make ahead, or make enough to have leftovers.

Chocolate Walnut Biscotti

How To Make Chocolate Walnut Biscotti

Biscotti are usually dipped in coffee, tea or wine. I’m not into coffee or wine, and I don’t like my tea with crumbs in it, so if I’m going to eat biscotti it’s got to taste good on its own. Like this chocolate walnut version … yum.

Creamy Chicken Penne

How To Make Creamy Chicken Penne

When you think pasta sauce, you probably think of either tomato based like marinara, or cream based like Alfredo. But did you know you can combine them for a creamy tomato sauce? Well now you do.

Pizza Soup

How To Make Pizza Soup

My junior high school cafeteria was probably no better or worse than the average cafeteria. But there were two things they made that were exceptional: pizza, and pizza soup. The pizza was thick and cheesy, and I never heard anyone say a bad word about it.

The pizza soup, on the other hand, was great mostly for the idea of it. I’ve never seen it on the menu anywhere else, and had to create my own recipe for it. The version below is probably far better than what they served, but I still get nostalgic for times when they served it.

All-time Favorites


Cooking used to be all about making food that tasted good. But somewhere along the way, we seem to have decided the diet-of-the-week was more important.

How to Cook Like Your Grandmother is a return to recipes and techniques that are based on what tastes good, not on junk science and fad diets. You won't find the words lite, low, lean, free or skim anywhere.

This is all real food, cooked the way Grandma would have done it.