How To Make Quiche In A Pan AKA Mega-omelet

Quiche in a Pan AKA Mega-omelette

I love omelets, but I prefer the onion and pepper cooked a little. Usually this means cooking the veggies first, scooping them back out of the pan, putting the eggs in and putting the veggies back. Last week I thought to myself, “Hey, self. Why don’t you just pour the eggs over the veggies?” Why, that’s a fine idea, self. Thanks for thinking of it.

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How To Freeze Cinnamon Rolls To Bake Later

Frozen Cinnamon Rolls

Having overnight guests is a great excuse to make a big batch of cinnamon rolls. But sometimes you only want one or two. With a little advance planning, this recipe will keep you in fresh-baked rolls for weeks.

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St. Patrick’s Day Recipe Roundup

Drunk Leprechaun

This post originally ran in March, 2012. In honor of St. Patrick's Day, I've put together this collection of traditional Irish dishes. And if anyone points out that these are all American traditions and not Irish, I will send that leprechaun up above over to puke on your head. So on with the recipes! … [Read more...]

How To Make Mall-style Cinnamon Rolls

Mall-Style Cinnamon Rolls With Raisins and Cinnamon Orange Glaze

Do you like small, reasonably-sized cinnamon rolls? Use the recipe I just linked to. Want those big, unreasonable ones they sell at the mall? I got you covered.

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How To Make Mexican Chicken Wraps

Mexican Chicken Wrap

What’s the difference between a burrito and a “wrap”? Beans, I think. That’s about the only difference I can see. That and wraps are usually cold, although not always. This version – a special request from the 12-year-old – really is some refried beans short of being a cold burrito.

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