How To Make Buckeyes


I can't remember whether I ever heard of buckeyes before I came to Ohio, either the candy or the tree. Spend any time here and you're bound to come across both meanings. I'm going to bet, though, that more Ohioans have seen these than the real thing. They're basically like a peanut-butter cup, but because you pick the ingredients you can get much better quality. The Krema peanut butter I use has one ingredient: peanuts. Look at the label on the stuff in your cupboard, you might be shocked. … [Read more...]

How To Make Pork Nuggets

Pork Nuggets

Everyone does chicken wings and chicken nuggets, but maybe you just aren’t into chicken? Don’t you deserve a shareable, dipable little meat snack?

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How To Make Pea Dip

Pea Dip

This versatile dip works on vegetables, chips or meat; it only has six ingredients; and it takes about five minutes to make.

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Super Snacks Round-up

Super bowl

Apparently there’s some sportsball thing coming up this weekend that people like to use as an excuse to eat snacks. I’m good with that. Here’s some ideas.

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Cook Like Your Grandmother: The Next Generation

Paul & Jenn with his trophy

Paul asked if he could do Jenn's pumpkin bar recipe at the church bake-off. Well of course he can! First place on his first try. This is how you make the next generation of cooks. … [Read more...]

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