How To Make Hoppin’ John

I’m not real big on holiday traditions. Colored lights and cardboard decorations just don’t interest me all that much. But food related traditions, like the Thanksgiving spread or an Easter ham? Yeah, those I’ll do.

I first heard about Hoppin’ John from Michael Ruhlman several years ago. It’s supposed to bring luck in the new year. This is a hearty, one-pot meal that you can serve as-is or with rice or cornbread. Like many soups, it’s better the second day. Make ahead, or make enough to have leftovers.

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How To Make Fried Green Beans with Bacon

When green beans mostly came out of a can they got a reputation as something kids won’t eat. But today you can find fresh green beans nearly year-round in most grocery stores. Fry some up with bacon and I’ll bet your kids love them as much as you do.

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How To Make Potato Banana Pancakes

Pancakes are not supposed to be this easy. Three ingredients? Seriously? And two of them are leftovers?

Yup, seriously.

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How To Make (Gluten-free) Pumpkin Chocolate Cake

You probably know that the week after Thanksgiving you can get some great deals on frozen turkey. Did you know you can also usually get canned pumpkin cheap? They’re not quite giving it away like they do with the turkey but it’s a great chance to experiment with some new recipes, like this awesome gluten-free pumpkin chocolate cake.

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How To Make Loaded Sweet Potato Chips

Loaded potato skins are great, but bigger ones can be a little much for an appetizer. These are bite-sized, easy to share, and oh by the way they’re crazy delicious.

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