How To Make Mexican Chicken Wraps

What’s the difference between a burrito and a “wrap”? Beans, I think. That’s about the only difference I can see. That and wraps are usually cold, although not always. This version – a special request from the 12-year-old – really is some refried beans short of being a cold burrito.

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How To Make Black Bean And Bacon Succotash

As a child, “succotash” was always just something Sylvester said when he was frustrated. Turns out succotash is really a side dish made from corn and lima beans.

Well I don’t particularly like lima beans. Black beans are pretty great, though. Hmm, corn and black beans … that’s starting to sound like my black bean and corn salsa. Would that be good as a hot side dish? Only one way to find out!

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Guacamole Recipe

A couple of weeks ago I ran a video showing how to make guacamole. I just found these pictures that I forgot I took, and thought I should take the opportunity to list the ingredients for the recipe. … [Read more...]

How To Make Guacamole

If you saw Lori and I comparing avocados last week, you heard her say we were making guacamole. Well here it is. This is the recipe that convinced me I like guacamole. I just don't like the bad guacamole I had tried before. (There's a video embedded in this post. If you can't see it in your email or feed reader, come see it on the blog.) … [Read more...]

How To Make Black Bean and Corn Salsa

Be careful making this, unless it looks like something you're going to want to keep doing over and over. Because as soon as you share it with friends, they're going to start asking you to bring it to every party you go to. This happened when I made the bruschetta pizza a couple of years ago. I made it about four or five times before the summer was over. Same with this black bean and corn salsa. … [Read more...]