Onion and Pepper Variations on Larry’s Sourdough

Remember Larry's sourdough bread method? In case you missed it, Larry, the Keep It Simple Engineer, has got sourdough bread making down to a science. He shared a four-part series showing how he does it. Larry mentioned in the introduction that he does a jalapeƱo-cheese variation, which I'm still waiting to see. (Hint-hint, Larry. :-) ) While we're waiting for that one, here are an onion version, and one with pepper. … [Read more...]

How To Make Dehydrated Onion

Today's article is another one from Larry, the Keep It Simple Engineer, who gave us the four-part series on sourdough bread. This time it's a great technique for helping to stock the pantry. He's doing it with onions, but I plan on doing this with a bunch of herbs this summer. … [Read more...]

How To Make Onion Rings From Scratch

This version has a very simple, very light tempura style batter. It's about the simplest batter possible, and I can guarantee that if you cook at all, you've already got everything you need in the cupboard. UPDATE: I've also done beer batter onion rings. That one's a slightly tastier version, but a bit harder to do. … [Read more...]