Mashed Roasted Potatoes

Hmm, that picture doesn't look so good. Almost seems like the potatoes aren't in focus. That's because they're not. The focus that is. They're just a side dish. You'll see the rest of that picture tomorrow when I show the entree the potatoes went with. The idea for this recipe actually came from a comment on the Parmesan peppercorn potatoes recipe I did recently. April suggested that these would make great mashed potatoes. I thought that sounded like a fine idea. … [Read more...]

How To Make … Your Wife Happy

I know I promised the next two posts were going to be apples and pie crust. But I had to share. I was sitting down to write the apple post and my wife asked me to make her some chicken salad. I had the laptop on the lap desk, my feet up on the table ... I was all settled in! "Oh, but you make it so much better. And I already set everything out for you." But ... the lap desk ... and ... yes dear. … [Read more...]

How To Make Quesadillas

Quesadillas are one of my favorite ways to use up leftovers. They're basically an unwrapped wrap. Get the same tortillas you'd use for a wrap, add some meat, veggies and cheese, and toast for a couple of minutes. … [Read more...]

Corned Beef Hash

I don't know what it is about Irish food, but the leftovers make the best breakfast. With the soda bread it's French toast, with the corned beef dinner it's corned beef hash. This is so much better than the stuff that comes out of a can, it's almost worth doing the whole dinner just to have the leftovers. … [Read more...]

Polish hot sausage hash browns

[NOTE: This recipe appeared in the Project Foodie Lefotever Tuesdays #11.] My wife let me sleep in Sunday morning while she made breakfast for the kids. Unfortunately, I've taught the girls to like real food, so instead of cereal they finished off all the eggs in the house. (I feel sorry in advance for the boys who will eventually date my daughters. Instead of Burger King, they'll have to take them to Hellreigel's.) I opened the fridge to see what we had. Hmm, half a baked potato left over … [Read more...]