Mashed Roasted Potatoes

Hmm, that picture doesn’t look so good. Almost seems like the potatoes aren’t in focus.

That’s because they’re not. The focus that is. They’re just a side dish. You’ll see the rest of that picture tomorrow when I show the entree the potatoes went with.

The idea for this recipe actually came from a comment on the Parmesan peppercorn potatoes recipe I did recently. April suggested that these would make great mashed potatoes. I thought that sounded like a fine idea.


leftover Parmesan peppercorn roasted potatoes
leftover sour cream onion dip
(Or you could do both of those from scratch by following the original recipes, linked above.)
fresh chives


If you’ve got leftover Parmesan peppercorn roasted potatoes, you can warm them up in the microwave. Or you can get a little more flavor going by reheating on a baking sheet.


If you use the baking sheet method, or if you roasted the potatoes just to mash them[1], you should scrape up all the stuck-on brown bits of goodness. Anything that doesn’t scrape off easily is too burned to want, so give it a quick once-over and move on.


I was looking for my potato masher when I came across this little number.


You might remember from the chili sauce recipe that I didn’t want to like this tool, but I totally do. I figured it would do as well on the potatoes as it does on ground beef.

So I used it to scoop up about a half-cup of the dip for the potatoes. Add the dip first. The potatoes mash much easier.

080808-193057_Lg 080808-193126_Lg

Don’t go for perfectly smooth and lump-free. These should be rustic and lumpy. Texture is interesting, and interesting is good.


If you’re done with the potatoes and the entree is still on the grill, and if you reheated in the oven, you can put the finished potatoes in the still-warm oven to keep warm.


Top with chopped chives and use a few whole chives to garnish the main dish.

And that’s it.

I’ll post the recipe tomorrow for the entree you see in the corner of that last photo above. Sign up using the form to the right to make sure you get that everything else in your inbox as soon as it comes out.

1) And good for you if you take the extra steps — roasting before mashing — just for the flavor.