How To Make A Compost Pile For (almost) Free

Recently Grist ran a slideshow of various urban composting options. Some of the options looked a bit ridiculous. (Tabletop composting? Seriously?) But the intensely low-tech, almost-free pallet composter looks like a keeper. … [Read more...]

Do Not Tempt The Fates Of Gardening

Remember a couple of days ago when I bragged about my rockin' tomato harvest? Yeah, well, someone apparently didn't like my tone. Because the next day we had a wind storm and my whole crop (all one plant) fell the heck over! Fail. … [Read more...]

Check Out My Tomato Harvest Yo

If you're not already reading Kristin at Going Country you should be. (And not just because she wrote the canning chapter for my upcoming book. Go get that chapter for free. I'll wait ...) Her home garden is so big you would expect to find migrant laborers on it, but it's all her. And this year blight wiped out her tomatoes. … [Read more...]

These Peppers Look Lonely

Aren't those teenie little peppers just the cutest things? No, actually, they're not. If this were May, than they'd be cute. But in October, in Cleveland? Not so much. I'm just about ready to pull them all up and be done with it. … [Read more...]

Home-made basil pesto year-round

Tell people that you've got an herb garden and you'll get some funny looks. Most of them think herbs are those dried flakes you get in little plastic bottles in the grocery store. They seem to add more color than flavor half the time. Why on earth would you go to all the trouble to grow your own? Now that grocery stores are starting to carry fresh herbs more people are getting turned on to the huge flavor you can get from fresh. But even the best handling puts at least a couple of days … [Read more...]