These Peppers Look Lonely

Aren’t those teenie little peppers just the cutest things?

No, actually, they’re not. If this were May, than they’d be cute. But in October, in Cleveland? Not so much. I’m just about ready to pull them all up and be done with it.

My back yard is too well shaded to do a garden back there. But next to the driveway there’s a little space that gets good sun, and it’s too small to do anythinge else. So I’ve done some herbs there, and it worked pretty well. (Too well, in the case of the basil. I’ve still got frozen pesto from two years ago.)

So this year, I decided to do some peppers.

I won’t say it’s been a complete loss. After all, I’ve got this nice one in there.

And down low there’s this.

And underneath in the shade there’s this little one, and one that the squirrels knocked down.

I think they decided they don’t like peppers, because they’ve left the rest of them alone.

But all three of those are from the two plants on the end. The other five have almost nothing down low. And up top all we’ve got is this.

There shouldn’t still be new buds at this point, but that’s about all I’ve got on five of the seven plants.

I’ve been leaving them in, hoping at least one of them would go red. But yesterday I kept track of where the sun was all day. It’s shifted, and now the peppers stay in the shade from the pine tree all day. So I don’t think anything’s going to ripen past what it is now.

I think next year I’ll stick with herbs, and steal the veggies from Lou.