Check Out My Tomato Harvest Yo

If you’re not already reading Kristin at Going Country you should be. (And not just because she wrote the canning chapter for my upcoming book. Go get that chapter for free. I’ll wait …)

Her home garden is so big you would expect to find migrant laborers on it, but it’s all her. And this year blight wiped out her tomatoes.

Now, to clarify what I was saying about the size of her garden, her definition of “wiped out” is that she ended up only canning 23 quarts of plain tomatoes, 9 pints of salsa, and 10 pints of spaghetti sauce with meat.

Yeah, I know.

So let me take this chance to show off my rockin’ tomato harvest. See it up there at the top of this post? That’s three whole tomatoes baby! And that’s not even counting the one I ate right off the vine, still warm from the sun.

And there are still about a dozen green ones on the vine that, if they start to redden before the first frost, I can bring inside and let them ripen on the windowsill in a brown paper bag.

Yeah, fear my mad gardening skillz.