How To Make Egg Noodles

I'm jealous of my kids. For one thing, they're cuter than I ever was so life will be easier for them. But that's not what I meant. What I was getting at is that they get home-made egg noodles. Man, these things are good. … [Read more...]

Scrambled Eggs With Prosciutto

It's hard to compete with deep-fried cotton candy. But that's pretty much what I face each Sunday morning, as the girls plead for a trip to Dunkin' Doughnuts. So this weekend I pulled out the secret weapon. Prosciutto bits. Like bacon bits, but better. And better than doughnuts. I rule. … [Read more...]

How To Make Egg Salad

This has to be a joke, right? I mean egg salad for Pete's sake! First of all, who actually eats egg salad past about eight years old? And second, who needs a step-by-step recipe guide to make it? As to the first question, I eat egg salad. It's like deviled eggs, on bread. And I like me some deviled eggs. So who needs directions for it? Anyone who's never made it. No matter how easy something is, until you've seen it for the first time you don't know that it's easy. More important is … [Read more...]

How To Make Mayonnaise

I've been making mayonnaise for a while now. I've used it for buttermilk ranch dressing, macroni salad, horseradish sauce, onion ring sauce, thousand island dressing and deviled eggs. A couple of times I said that it didn't come out as thick as I would have wanted, but that was okay since it was an ingredient in a sauce. Well, after enough trial and error I think I can finally explain how to do it consistently. … [Read more...]

How To Make Deviled Eggs

Deviled eggs are the Rodney Dangerfield of party foods: they get no respect. But bring a plate of them and they’ll all disappear. You can add all kinds of extras to them, make them look fancy if you want. As long as you get the basics right you’ll have a winner.

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