How To Make Egg Salad


This has to be a joke, right? I mean egg salad for Pete’s sake! First of all, who actually eats egg salad past about eight years old? And second, who needs a step-by-step recipe guide to make it?

As to the first question, I eat egg salad. It’s like deviled eggs, on bread. And I like me some deviled eggs.

So who needs directions for it? Anyone who’s never made it. No matter how easy something is, until you’ve seen it for the first time you don’t know that it’s easy.

More important is that this is what this blog is about, and it’s why I wrote the book. I’ve gotten so many comments from people saying, “I haven’t had that for years. I’m going to go make some.” It’s like we’re all trying so hard to make the foods we should like, foods that look impressive and sound intimidating, that we sometimes forget that the simple things are good, too.

I spent several minutes in the grill accessories aisle yesterday looking at various racks to grill delicate foods in. I’ve already got a grill pan that works great for vegetables, but I thought a removable rack would make it easier to do fish. And with the luck I have with seafood, I need all the help I can get.

Then I realized: I like steak and pork on the grill. No, I loooooove steak and pork on the grill. And I’m pretty good at it. There I was, standing there looking at buying some more stuff, stuff that there’s no room for in my kitchen as it is, to try grilling some fish … which I don’t even like all that much.

Sure, I like shrimp and scallops, but grilled salmon? Grilled whitefish? Eh, they’re okay. But if you told me I’d never have them again I wouldn’t cry. So why was I looking at those racks? Because I thought I should like grilled fish. Everyone else seems to. And it’s hard to get right, so people are impressed when you do it well. I like impressing people, don’t you?

People used to eat food they liked, not food that was impressive or that happened to be fashionable. And an egg salad sandwich is about as unfashionable as you can get. That’s why I did it for my 100th post.


080719-141743_Lghard boiled eggs, two per person


I’ve tried all the tips for peeling hard boiled eggs, but I always have some that come out ugly. So when I make deviled eggs, I boil a bunch of extras. Sometimes they don’t peel well, sometimes the yolk is too close to the edge, like this one.


They taste fine, but they’re not going to look good. So, egg salad time. Start by dicing all the eggs.


For eight eggs, like I did here, add about three tablespoons of mayonnaise (home made if you can) and one tablespoon of mustard. I like spicy brown, but will take Dijon or plain yellow in a pinch.


Mix it all together, and check if it’s tangy enough. If I’m making it for just me, I’ll go about half-and-half on the mustard and mayo.


The dainty way to serve this is to put a scoop of it on a lettuce leaf. Iceberg, of course.


Or my way, on some sourdough bread with the lettuce leaf. And a slice of white American cheese, if you’ve got it.


And that’s it.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go throw a steak on the grill to celebrate my milestone.

PS: No, I didn’t buy the rack for the fish.


  1. MeadowLark says:

    I also love egg salad. And I never get the mayo/mustard ratio right. Now it’s in writing… how could I go wrong? Thanks.

    • I live in Amarillo, Texas. I make my egg salad with chopped hard boiled eggs,
      mayo, mustard, salt, pepper, dash of paprika and finely chopped celery.
      Eggcellent !! : )

      • Tyler Schwartz says:

        Hey I too am from amarillo, TX and my mom used to make it the same way. I guess she was right all along.

      • Another one from Amarillo that’s glad to see this recipe up here. Genna thanks for adding the bit about celery and paprika. I couldn’t remember what mom put in it that added the crunch & now I know. Yippy. Again, thanks much.

    • Try adding relish or diced green olives for some added tang (either, not both). I never eat plain egg salad. Too bland for me.

    • Janell DeMello says:

      My husband added way too much hot horseradish to the egg salad. Any way to tone it down?

  2. Kristin says:

    Congratulations on 100! Egg salad is a good choice. If it makes you feel any better, I make it all the time for my husband’s lunch when there’s nothing else in the house. That probably doesn’t make you feel MUCH better though, since I have admitted over and over that I am so not cool.

  3. [eatingclub] vancouver || js says:

    I love egg salad. I eat egg salad. And there are probably more like us, egg-salad-eaters.

  4. April in CT says:

    I LOVE me some egg salad! I think I’d have to add a sprinkling of ground pepper. I’ve never tried it with lettuce on the bread, but I will next time.

    I just took cherry cobbler out of the oven based on your peach cobbler recipe. I’m having a very hard time waiting until AFTER dinner to try it. It looks fabulous and the smell is making my nose one happy sniffer.

  5. No meadowlark, that’s baking that has right and wrong. That’s why I usually stick to cooking. :-) This ratio is just what I happened to do this time. Mix it, taste and adjust.

    Difference is, Kristin, I make egg salad even when I do have something else in the house.

    Eatingclub, I suspect the readers of this blog don’t represent the general population. Just a hunch.

    April, you should be through with dinner now, it’s been nearly three hours. So how was it?

  6. April in CT says:

    The stained fingers (I call it a labor of love) were totally worth it. My mother in law is here and we all enjoyed it SO much. This will be my go to cobbler recipe!

  7. Stephanie says:

    Ooh, I love egg salad! Sometimes I try to get fancy with it, and make curried egg salad, or egg salad with raisins and nuts. These taste good, but the best egg salad is just egg, mayo, and mustard! Good job bringing things back to the simple (and most delicious!) basics.

  8. April, glad to hear it!

    Stephanie, raisins? Nuts? Umm, okay, sure. [rolls eyes / shakes head]

  9. Sweet Bird says:


    And I love egg salad, I may make some tomorrow actually.

  10. Everyone loves egg salad! I like the way you chop up your egg, slightly obsessive maybe but nice and uniform! In my case, I just chuck the eggs, mayo, salt and pepper, and I use mustard seed powder, and mash it all up with a fork, chunky rustic style!

    I think I am going to make egg sandwiches for lunch now!

  11. I’m not obsessive. No, really, I’m not.

    [Okay, Drew, let it go. But I’m not obsessive! It’s okay, I know. But I’m not, really. Stop whining!]

    I’m sorry … did I type that out loud? Ahem.

    So anyway … I think this is the most comments I’ve had so far saying people were going to go make it. I think for my next milestone I’m going to do PBJ on Wonder bread.

    • I just stumbled on this site a couple of hours ago. Im sitting here eating a nice fat egg salad sandwich as we speak…Even have some on my shirt….Oh well

  12. April in CT says:

    You could throw some Nutella in the PB&J to really shake things up! I'm a recent convert to Nutella-ville. We just tried it recently and I almost wish I hadn't! Tasty stuff.

    I think egg salad has more of a hold over us than we realize. I started a thread on a message board once about egg salad and it got the craving going in so many people. Behold, the power of the egg.

    • cecelia russell says:

      hi i found this site to make sure i wasnt forgetting any ingredients as i have not made it in such a long time and had a ton of hard boiled eggs left over from deviled eggs and thought wow havent had any egg salad homemade sandwiches in forever and it is too dang hot to start the oven so this seemed quick and easy and then noticed the pbj debate over the nutella and i am my kids have become addicted to this stuff they just did a rebate refund on it recently that sent me a check for 20.00 toward the many jars of nutella i have bought in the last year as they were doing a class action suit saying they misrepresented it as healthy and lower in fat than regular pb but as i had already been aware from reading the jar that is not the truth but we still enjoy it yet and my kids eat it everyday for snack on toast my pb budget has went down but as nutella is much higher that went up oh well that is my two cents for the day lol :)

  13. dailytiffin says:

    wow, I’m glad to have stumbled across your blog! congrats on the 100, and that egg salad looks inviting indeed!:)

  14. Stephanie says:

    Yes, raisins and nuts. You should try it sometime. It’s really fancy and different that way, so you’re supposed to like it.


  15. dt, I’m glad you stumbled across it too. Glad to have you here.

    Stephanie …you’re funny. No, I mean that. I’m not being sarcastic at all.

  16. And until you’ve hard boiled eggs, you’ll never know how hard/easy it is too! So, though it seems silly to some that I mention it…My formula for no-fail hard boiled eggs (which is a misnomer, because boiling the eggs is a very small part of it):
    Cover a single layer of eggs with cold water in a small pot.
    Bring water to a boil.
    Bring to a rolling boil for 1 min. and remove from heat. Cover. Leave covered in hot water for 17 minutes. Pour off water and rinse in cold water immediately.

    I found this guideline a few years ago and I’ve been a happy person ever since.

  17. Lizzie, that’s exactly what I did. And I even bought the eggs two weeks before I planned to cook them, because fresh ones don’t peel as easily. Still had one out of three didn’t peel right.

    • Drew, I have a Cusinart egg cooker and it makes perfect hard boiled eggs. They ‘always’ peel cleanly. I believe it is because the egg cooker steams them. It will also make soft boiled and poached. I love it and I also love egg salad.

      • Jerry, one of these days I’m going to do a Mythbusters-style comparison of different egg cooking techniques. I’m sure there’s a perfect way, and I’m sure I haven’t found it yet.

      • I have an Oster egg cooker that I’ve had for like 22 years, bottom looks funky from hard water but the eggs come out perfect every time. put a little water in the bottom, it has a little sharp thing to just prick the egg put the cover on and let it go. Eggs peel easily every time. Now that I have them in the refrigerator I was looking for an egg salad receipe. I’ve NEVER made egg salad. My mom’s been gone for 18 years and she is the only who ever made it for me, sounds stupid I know but I haven’t had one since and it sounds good

      • Hey Drew, Just came across your site, love it. Love egg salad, saw how long ago it was posted and then saw comments from this year…so, thought I would comment…after boiling I have always poured out the water and added ice to the top of the pan and cold water. Let it sit for a few, then peel away….No problem eggs….not often anyway!! Works way better than not doing the ice…

    • what does the vinegar do?

    • Oh my gosh, I know this one.
      You boil your eggs. After your done boiling them, take the eggs out… drop them (I mean drop each one so that it slightly cracks a little) into a bowl of water with ice. Leave them in the bowl of ice water for about 15 minutes… and them take them out and the shells practically fall off.
      I used to own a bar, and made my own pickeled eggs.

    • I know this post is years old, but I have to say, I just finished eating a yummy egg salad sandwich, and ALL of my eggs peeled cleanly! I found a tip online that worked- add 1/2 tsp baking soda to the water when you boil the eggs. Totally works!

      • Someday I’m going to test all the egg-peeling theories and put this to rest once and for all.

        Today is not that day.

  18. TNelson says:

    I have been craving egg salad for the past couple of weeks so this will definately be a lunch this week-end. I just found your blog through “TasteSpotting” and am adding you to my bloglines so I can catch future posts. I love the simplicity ideas you bring to the blog world – I subscribe to several food blogs and sometimes I just have to roll my eyes at some of the things that pop up. If it has more than 5-7 ingredients I’m usually on to the next recipe…


  19. Jeanine says:

    Looks yummy. I love egg salad sandwiches too. :)

  20. Trish, I don’t mind 7 ingredients or more, as long as most of them are things in my pantry. The ones I hate are where you need 7 new things from the store. Bonus suckage points if you have to go to two or more specialty stores.

    Jeanine, Thanks for telling me how you found me. I wish Tastespotting would send you an email if/when something gets posted.

  21. That egg salad sandwich looks really good!

  22. For some reason that makes no sense at all I detest egg salad. Love deviled eggs though. Have been known to cut a boiled egg in half, smear it with mayo, and sprinkle it with salt and happily gulp that down. Yet egg salad just makes me cringe. But you go ahead.

    I’m with you on the grilled fish. Hubby and I had quite the fried fish fest this evening though. Mmmm, I love when he comes home with a mess of catfish and bass. I fry ’em up quick as I can and spend all night thinking about eating cold fried fish for breakfast the next morning.

  23. I add dry mustard to my egg salad along with the mayo and eggs also some chopped sweet or dill pickles. I have also been known to add chopped green onions if I have no pickles. Just thought I’d add to the mix.

  24. Kevin, it was. :-)

    Genie, that’s so sad. A life without egg salad is only half a life. (Okay, that’s a little bit of an exaggeration.)

    Coll, are you from the south? The pickles seem to be a southern thing.

    • Lori Myers says:

      I don’t know about the eggs being southern… I grew up in NW Indiana and mom always put relish in the egg salad! I like it either way, but no matter what, I add a small amount of cream cheese to the mayo and mustard.

  25. April in CT says:

    I never thought about the pickles being regional, but I’m from GA and my mother always adds diced sweet pickles. I love it that way, but generally don’t have sweet pickles in the house since my picky better half doesn’t care for them. Thanks for the reminder of that addition Coll..I think I’ll add them to my grocery list. :)

  26. Anonymous says:

    I found your blog and I love this post! (I was reading your comment on Gretchen’s blog)
    I just this week read that the reason some egg yolks are close to the edge after boiling is that they settle while they sit in the carton. The article said that you should turn the carton on its’ side for an hour before taking the eggs out to boil them.

  27. I hadn’t heard that one before. Thanks for the tip, I’ll have to try it.

  28. i love egg salad

  29. You are right it is easy, but until I read this blog it never came out the right way. Thanks!

  30. Anonymous says:

    ha ha. im eating egg salad right now. soo good. although i never heard of putting mustard in it before?? ill have to try that sometime. And you right egg salad is rlly good. I’d prefer it over any other type of sandwhich. TRES DELICIOUS!

  31. Cindy - Levittown, PA says:

    The BEST way to boil the eggs is this…Racheal Ray Show taught me this… Bring the eggs to a flowing boil. Shut off the heat and let it be for 10 minutes. Perfect eggs….perfect peel. I made it today as a matter of fact. Which led me to this site….My salad was missing something…..I guess its mustard!

  32. Cindy-Levittown, PA says:

    Pickles maybe a southern thang… sister who has lived most of her adult life in Florida adds “relish” to her tuna salad. I tried it last week but didn’t have relish so I cut up sweet gherkin pickles. I may need to do the same with my egg salad….I thought of it! and I’m from above the Mason-Dixon line!


    • Cindy…I reserve some of the mayo and add just a little bit of the dill pickle juice in it…Makes it nice and tangy. I haven’t seen to many ppl who add onions either…hmmm

  33. Cindy, I’ve always like relish in my tuna salad — and chicken salad — and I’m originally from Philly. Egg salad, though … I don’t know. Maybe I’ll try it sometime.

  34. islandgirl says:

    Sounds delicious, thanks for an awesome blog I’m about to add to my reader, great photos too! Off to make a sandwich!

  35. You were right. It sounded so good I went and had some for lunch.

  36. I also LOVE egg salad. I add a little bit of white vinegar to mine. Also good with some crumbled bacon in there. Yum. I must go make some now.

    • Michelle says:

      Yum…. Adding crumbled bacon, why haven’t I thought of this before.I am going to make this for lunch tomorrow!

  37. Anonymous says:

    i am so glad you posted this. it will truly satisfy my craving. and i’ve had this craving for over a week now! thank you, oh wise one of the egg salad sandwich!

  38. Melissa, I usually just put a few slices of bacon on the sandwich. Guess I’m lazy.

  39. I just have to add my two cents worth. I’m from the south, and make my egg salad plain, like Drew, or fancy with pickles, or the best ever, olives and a bit of horseradish. My husband, son and son-in-law love the egg salad this way, I also add this to potatoes for the best potato salad.Love the south, and love to cook!

  40. Oh yes, potato salad with egg. Gotta have the egg.

  41. Patrice Farmer says:

    I add celery seed. And I’m always looking for recipes on how to make egg salad since everyone I’ve ever tasted is always different. Thanks.

  42. Patrice, I think I’d use that with relish, but not by itself.

  43. Anonymous says:

    Can you believe I googled “egg salad.” My mom always made it with miracle whip, but I’m living in a place where they don’t have miracle whip! So, this is great.

    Anyway, what I really wanted to say was that I glanced at your “all-time” favorites, and I like the way you think/eat. I’m definitely trying all of those. Potatoes, cheese, onions, chocolate – it’s all I need!

  44. Actually I do believe it. Egg Salad was in my Top 10 for a long time. Surprised me, too.

  45. Anonymous says:

    I love egg salad, also…I put mayo, mustard, sweet chopped relish, crumbled bacon or bacon bits…A lazy man’s lunch.

  46. Anonymous says:

    Hello, I was on your site and seen what you said about eggs not looking so good after you peel them for deviled eggs. Well I’m not a good cook, but I have something that may help. I make deviled eggs a lot! I put cold water in a pan (cold to help keep them from cracking), then put them on the stove on high. When they start to boil, I set the timer for 9-10 minutes. As soon as the timer goes off, I drain the hot water off them and run cold water over the eggs in the pan. Don’t drain the cold water, leave it in the pan. Then I start hitting the eggs on the side of the sink to crack them all up. I then put the egg back in the cold water in the pan with the other eggs, (which is now lukewarm water). By the time I get all the eggs cracked and go to peel them, the shell almost falls off! I have used all kinds of eggs, usually the ones on sale or the cheapest. I hardly ever have any messed-up eggs. Hopefully this will help you. Feel free to post this on your site. Good luck! Elaine

  47. First anon, are you from the south? Ever since someone mentioned sweet relish I’ve been trying to figure out just how widespread that was. It’s definitely a southern thing, from everything I’ve heard so far.

    Second anon, that’s actually the first new technique I’ve heard in years. I know the best tip is to buy the eggs at least a week before you plan to boil them. If they dry out just a little bit, there will be less volume inside the shell and it won’t fit so tight. But cracking and putting them back in the water is a new one to me. I’ll definitely give that a try next time.

  48. mary and kaylex:) says:

    we just made your eggg salad and it was the bomb diggity!!!!
    we put a little mustard and alot of mayo because we arnt a big ffan of mustard.

  49. Mary and Kaylex, I suspect a lot of people made it yesterday. Starting at 11 a.m. (Eastern) there were a ton of people looking for egg salad recipes. I should have seen it coming, but I didn’t think about it at all until I saw the traffic. I’m glad you liked it.

  50. Casedilla says:

    Haha, I used to be so embarrased to have egg salad for lunch when I was in school. No doubt I loved to eat it but everyone always complains about the smell. Oh well, I’ve been inspired to make some right now.

  51. I’ve still got some dyed eggs left from Easter. I think I’m about to go make another batch myself.

  52. Pam in TX says:

    just add salt to the water before boiling for an easy peel

  53. Pam, I always add salt. It doesn’t help. I really believe it’s all about using older eggs. I’m going to have to do a comparison to prove it to myself once and for all.

  54. Lori in KY says:

    I was going to say add salt to the boil, too. Maybe it is in how much salt you add. I usually add a good tablespoon or so to the boil. Eggs peel great!

  55. I make egg salad quite often, but I like to wait until I have fresh bread I have made in the breadmaker. Yumm. I have a friend that makes a horrible face if I say I packed it in my lunch at work though. Well she was raised on a chicken farm, she says that explains it and I did not want to know anymore. ??

    I put lemon pepper, salt, mayo or sour cream, mustard and some onion powder in mine.

  56. Judy, I know what your co-worker is talking about. My grandfather was a fisherman, so my father grew up eating more trout than anyone should have to face. To this day he can’t eat trout, and generally avoids most kinds of seafood.

  57. meandtheblueskies says:

    I love egg salad!

  58. Ok I am new to this blogging stuff but I just had to chime in! You had me at "Love me some deviled eggs!" Thanks for sticking to the basics and making it to where I can even understand it. The family is going to the water park today and I just couldn't bring myself to make boring old sandwiches. Wish me luck with the family's taste buds!

  59. Penny, every time someone comments on this post I think, "Hmm, haven't had one of these in a while." Now I have to go toss some eggs in a pot.

  60. April in CT says:

    Drew, every time I get an update that someone has commented I think the same thing. It makes me thankful for being able to subscribe to comments via email. It's like my own personal egg salad reminder!

  61. April in CT says:

    So, I made egg salad tonight to take on a trip tomorrow. We're going on a zipline tree canopy tour in Massachusetts. If I die on that zipline and don't get to eat this egg salad afterword I'm gonna be TICKED!

    I had been wondering what I could take for days now that we could all eat (my MIL is a vegetarian) and this fit the bill so it was a timely comment update to get.

    I cracked the shells on the counter and let them sit in cool water for about 10 minutes and not sure if it was coincidence, but they were easy to peel and not old eggs either.

  62. Ann in TN says:

    I also add salt and pepper and sweet pickle relish to my egg salad. YUM!

  63. This post inspired me to make egg salad sandwiches for lunch for me and my little sister. Eggs, mayo, yellow mustard (would prefer a good spicy brown mustard, but we were out), sweet relish and a dash of pepper for the egg salad. Delicious on a fresh roll with tomato and bacon.

  64. So I just came across this post, and wanted to comment about the pickles thing. I'm from southern Illinois (near St. Louis) and we would never dream of leaving out the splash of dill pickle juice to our deviled eggs, potato salad, or egg salad. Really adds something extra, especially to the deviled eggs.

  65. Heh, I don't think southern Illinois counts as "the South".

    • I didn’t think so either, but have you heard them talk? They definitely sound like they are from the South. Illinois is a pretty long state…

  66. You'd be surprised…I live in Michigan now, and I swear everyone here thinks anything below Chicago is The South.

  67. Yeah, just like New Yorkers think everything past the Hudson is "out West".

  68. Anonymous says:

    I'm from Oregon, lived here all my life…..I grew up on egg salad sandwiches. Mom always put chopped sweet pickles in the mix. She wasn't from the south, and neither were her parents. Unless you consider Utah as southern….lol
    Now I'm hungry……

  69. Well, most of Utah is south of the Mason-Dixon line …

  70. Thanks so much for this! Just moved out on my own a few weeks ago and am learning to cook a few things. I've always loved agg salad but have never actually made it before tonight. Thanks it for the tips. It was delicious!

  71. Man, I need to start keeping a couple hard-boiled eggs in the fridge. Every time somebody comments on this it makes me want egg salad, and I know it'll take a half-hour before I can have it.

  72. Anonymous says:

    thin slices of apple and cheese on toasted whole wheat bread with egg salad…but i'll just dip crackers in it too…LOVE egg salad <3

  73. christyl says:

    Ok, my bubble has been burst! I've always grown up with dill pickles, mayo, mustard, celery seed, onion, s&p, and if its a bit dry adding some pickle juice. I thought this was the norm! LOL. I'm just a simple hillbilly I guess. (WV, VA raised) But any egg salad is always good!

    By the way I've got a crowded kitchen and love gadets that do more than just one thing. I've always hated smashing the eggs so I started using my cheese grater. Works like a charm and is soooo much faster. Just take the whole peeled egg and go to town (just watch the nails n' knuckles) 😛

    Happy egg eating!

    • Christyl….my momma was from WVA also…that’s the way we make egg-salad and I am proud to be a ridge-runnin hillbilly!!! LOL

  74. Cheese grater? Really? Wow Christy, either you've got a really coarse cheese grater or you do some really finely-chopped egg salad.

  75. Your recipe is a good basic starting point…but I always use sweet pickle relish and some minced onion. For a unique twist, thoroughly mash one anchovy into the mayo/mustard mixture before adding it to the eggs. This will add a salty layer of flavor no one will figure out. I originally only did this with my deviled eggs.

  76. Here's my great aunt's secret for perfect hard boiled eggs:
    Pierce rounded end of egg with straight pin, just a little way in. Place eggs in saucepan and cover with cold water. Bring to a boil and allow to boil for 2 – 3 minutes. Take off heat and let sit for 20 minutes. Drain water and run under cold water for a minute.
    Peel and eat!

  77. Sailor, I've got some nam pla (Vietnamese fish sauce) that's made from anchovy. Maybe I'll give that a shot next time.

    Chloe, that's the first new idea I've heard in a while, and it sounds like it would make a difference. Worth a try anyway.

  78. A few more ingredients to add to your basic recipe:

    -Diced red bell pepper, raw
    -black pepper

    Or just a dash of

    -Curry powder
    (I might leave out the mustard if I wanted these two ingredients, but do what you like)

    plus a slice or two of tomato to brighten the whole thing up.

    Thanks for all the great recipes!

  79. Grimp, I wish I'd had the tomato when I made this. I hadn't thought that far ahead.

  80. Awesome. Thank you for posting a simple recipe for egg salad – it's the same as mine. I will never understand how people could complicate such a lovely recipe by adding such things as nuts or fruit or pickles (*gasps of horror*). LOL

    BTW, I found your blog via

  81. tra little bit of onion powder,you'll love it.

  82. Thanks for the recipe:) I've been craving egg salad and this was the perfectly delishish easy recipe I needed!

  83. redbeccaz says:

    We love egg salad at my house and we make it almost exactly like yours. My boyfriend adds a sprinkle of vinegar to it though.

    My method of boiling eggs that peel easily is to soak them in very hot tap water for about 10 mins before boiling, just until the bubbles are released from the shells. I always use older eggs, too.

    And one more idea you might want to try, and I'll admit it IS a strange one. Take your egg salad and wrap it in egg roll wraps and fry until golden brown. It's sooooo good. (Yeah, I gave the BF the same look you're giving your screen right now, but really, it's GOOD.)

    Found you yesterday when looking for potato salad recipes, great blog.

  84. Egg roll? Really? Hmm, okay. Maybe when I try egg rolls I'll remember this idea. (And you're so right about the face I was making.)

  85. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for the recipe! I used to have egg salad all the time, but then I forgot how to make it! What I do to boil eggs is just boil them in salt water, they can mess up a little but usually the shells come right off(:

  86. Anonymous says:

    I love egg salad too. I usually use yellow mustard (I'm not fond of the coarse brown) and I add worchestershire sauce. I usually make it with 2 eggs at a time and add a dash or two of worchetershire. YUM!

  87. Chloe's Great Aunt's method is similar to the method I learned from my mother 50 years ago. However instead of a straight pin use a map pin.
    I use my auto-lancet (for blood sugar diabetic testing) set on 4 to pierce the tip off the eggs.
    Eggs at room temp. in pan, water to cover and bring to a boil. NO SALT. Take off heat and cover for 15 minutes. Drain and cover with cold water which also prevents the yolk darkening. Allow 5 minutes to cool or store until ready to use. Crack and peel under running cold water.
    I am an adherent to dry mustard powder added to miracle whip with finely diced green onion and a dash of ground chili pepper and a shake of dried parsley.
    Country Brown Bread, Russian Rye, Sourdough, OR… for the coup-de-gras…Irish Soda Bread.
    Enjoy with ice cold A&W Root Beer
    If you REALLY want to live in the spice lane try finely crushing 4 or five Blair's Death Rain Chips and add to the egg mix! Giddy-up.

  88. Ernie, you seem to have put a lot of thought into your egg salad. So let me ask: Coarse chop or fine dice?

  89. i love egg salad just made some to eat quick and you always have the ingredients in the house taste good and fulls me up with one sandwich.

  90. Thank you so much, the pictures really make a difference. I never ate egg salad until last year, and fell in love with it. My parents are Jamaican, egg salad not really in their diet. I want to fix different foods for my children and now I can with out spending a fortune. My kids thank you.

  91. Korene, tell your kids I said, "You're welcome."

  92. ditto on your words– sometimes you DO need to post a simple recipe, because I knew I wanted some egg salad, but I didn't know where to start (minus the eggs).

    I had some from a supermarket in holland, and they added pickles which were a delicious kick. Sadly, parisian supermarkets don't sell egg salad :( too low brow? so time to make my own!!

  93. First it was Kate in Italy, and now you. "Oh, boo-hoo, I can't get bacon in Italy. Oh, poor me, they don't sell pre-made egg salad in Paris. Waaah."

    I'm in Cleveland. Earlier this week, the wind blew down my tomato plant that I had only gotten four tomatoes off of so far. I'm having a really hard time digging up any sympathy for the plight of the poor American in Paris.


  94. Err, what I meant to say was, "I'm so glad you liked it. Hope you have fun making it."

    PS: The weather sucks this week. Just thought you should know.

  95. I LOVE egg salad. I prefer more mustard than mayo, and I add some chopped pickles. And I love deviled eggs. Mmmm…

  96. I completely agree on the "more mustard" part. And the pickles, you're one more data point that it's a southern thing.

  97. Thank You for the recipe. It's my new lunch meal. :)


  98. I guess I'm fancy… I need something crunchy, so I put in fine-diced celery and a bit of chives or onion, but otherwise similar recipe.

    My egg boiling tips- start with the eggs in cold water, bring to a boil, boil for 5 minutes then shut off the heat and cover for 10 minutes. Then drain the hot water and fill the pan up with cool water and let sit until you're ready to make the egg salad. The cold water forces the residual heat INTO the eggs, which makes the easier to peel. And then you gotta look for the air space- tap their butts on the counter and start peeling from there.

  99. OMG. I had no IDEA egg salad was so popular. It's always been one of my comfort foods, and I have to admit–I nearly had a heart attack to see your recipe didn't have sweet relish (I'm from Illinois–it's NOT a "southern thang."). I rinse my boiled eggs in cold water, crack all the shells, and by the time I start peeling, it's all good. And to think…I came here to learn how to make a bread bowl. Thanks for the side trip!

  100. Egg salad comment: Your recipie matches mine, except I add a little (just a little) diced celery and onion for crunch and salt and pepper.

    Deviled egg comment: Or for serving whole hard-boiled eggs. To get the yolk centered, try this trick. Store your eggs sideways. Just turn the whole carton on its side in the fridge. Works like a charm.

  101. I cannot believe the blogs on egg salad started in July 2008…Wow. At any rate; I'ma gonna go make me some egg salad! :)

  102. Peggy Moon says:

    Love this blog…& eggs. Graham Kerr taught me a kiler trick to peel eggs:

    Use older eggs. Cover in cold water. Bring to a boil, covered. Remove from heat & let sit 15 min. Drain. Cover with cold water to shrink membrane from shell.
    Now for the killer trick: Drin water & shake eggs around to crack. Use a teaspoon to finish cracking all over. Under a small stream of water, peel one end , slipping spoon around shell. They practically fall out!

    Kudos to the Galloping Gourmet!

  103. For a some added spice add about 2 tablespoons of pickle relish to the quantity you are making.

    • kristen says:

      Jack, are you from pensacola?

      • Kristen, I don’t know if Jack will see your question. So can I suggest you click his name to go to his blog? I’d love to see people make a connection via my blog. Please let me know if you do connect.

  104. I use a ricer to mash up the egg a bit. I like the texture better that way. i’ve also added either dill or a minced-up dill pickle. YUM.

  105. Bryan New Albany Ind says:

    I also love egg salad. I make it like my grandmother did. Eggs, Bacon Bits, 1/2Miracle Whip, 1/2 Mayo. Great Site! , I’ll be buying your book soon.

  106. Kurt Anderson says:

    I almost forgot the taste of egg salad. I’m going to have it every day now! :) 😀

  107. Spice it up a little add some celery or some seasoninq be creative

  108. I like this recipe. Simple and to the point.

    I like to add some chopped shallot — not a lot, maybe about a tablespoon to about 4 eggs. And a bit of freshly ground black pepper. Sometimes a bit of dried dill weed works well.

    My mom has always been a big fan of egg and olive sandwiches. I like them, too. Back in the days when she used to pack our lunches for school, egg and olive was lunch at least once a week. It was a bit embarrassing sometimes, really, as most of my schoolmates thought the delicious sandwiches to be gross. Anyway, here’s the recipe:

    4 hard boiled eggs, chopped
    1 small can of chopped black olives, drained

    And that’s it.

  109. John, that sounds really good. Except for the olives. Can’t stand olives. :-)

  110. I grew up on Egg Salad too – my mom’s old stand by. It was usually either that or Pickleloaf! (remember Pickleloaf! Do they still make it??) The Egg Salad stuck
    (I’m 52 -) the Pickleloaf – not so much!! Great for vegetarians – the Egg Salad not . .the . .yeah, you get it!!!

    • They still make it (Pickleloaf ) They just call it P&P loaf (Pickle & Peppers) Now a days, but it tastes the same. And the still make Olive loaf also… I love it and buy it all the time! LOL

  111. Oh dear God, was that the one where you put bologna, pickles and mayo in a blender?

  112. I’ve never had egg salad! Your first few paragraphs are me! Thanks for this recipe. I keep hearing about egg salad, but I just wasn’t sure if I should try it so I went searching for information tonight. I loved deviled eggs so if you say it is deviled eggs on bread I may very well have to give it a try. Now off to explore the rest of your site. Thanks!

  113. Drew – Texan here. I add relish (preferably dill, but sweet will do) to almost all “blended” salads – tuna, chicken, ham, egg, beef, potato, etc. Also to deviled eggs, but well drained.

    I’ll have to try some of the peeling tips. I usually just roll mine hot on the counter to make lots of little cracks and then peel under cold running/trickling water.

  114. Beef salad? Would you make that the same as ham or chicken salad? I’ve never heard of doing it with beef before.

  115. Lampdevil says:

    This is glorious and beautiful. Egg salad is something I’m fussy about, and never liked growing up… but hey, I have all the things I’d need in my kitchen, and it looks so very easy. Thanks for awesome reminder!

  116. irene lewis says:

    You don’t add any salt?

  117. I figure there’s already some in the mayo, and I can always add more once it’s on the bread.

  118. heather says:

    I am a new wife and mother of a 16 month old girl, and am looking for new recipes. Thank you very much for the help but this is the meanest website that I have read. thanks a lot mean B@$*h for making me feel like an idiot for not knowing how to make egg salad….

  119. Wow, I don’t know how you could have misread this post so badly. I’m sorry you took it as mean, but I thought this was pretty clear: “So who needs directions for it? Anyone who’s never made it. No matter how easy something is, until you’ve seen it for the first time you don’t know that it’s easy.”

    I thought that was clear, but I’ll use more words this time: Very few cooking blogs — and of course none of the celebrity chefs on TV — would ever show something as basic as egg salad. They just assume if you know how to cook at all you know how to make egg salad.

    My whole point in posting this for my 100th post was to make the goal of the site crystal clear: I don’t assume you already know how to do “the basics”. I will show the most basic techniques and simple recipes. Because there are people who never learned it growing up, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

  120. I need websites such as this. As a parent who had a wife adandon me and the kids. I’m doing a lot of simple things for us from scratch. I now love cooking and I think I’m getting good at it.

  121. That’s great. Well … not that you have to, but that it’s working out so well. The kids are lucky to have you.

  122. David A Ridge says:

    My mother uses Miricle Whip(tm) salad dressing instead of the tasteless mayo and like as what you said about this recipie being close to the Deviled Egg one. For the sandwich recipie she will use some salt and pepper to taste. She also adds some white or cider vinegar to taste. She will also do a change up and add a sweet pickle relish and all this from scratch.
    Faire thee Well, and I, am,
    In Him, David.

  123. Yeah, I need blogs like this too! I’m that 25 yr old guy who couldnt even make a grilled cheese 2 years ago! I’m still learning how to cook for myself everyday. Everyday I dont use the microwave to heat up a hot pocket is a good day! Ha

  124. I’ve always used green olives in my egg salad.

  125. egg salad is beastly so i might try this recipe! sounds good to me!

  126. I saw someone eating a eggsalad sandwich at lunch today and remembered I haven’t had one in a looooong time. Last one I had they put onions in (eww) and turned me off of them for a while.

    Normally I’m not a mayo fan but I have to bend the rule when it comes to eggsalad.

  127. To boil the perfect egg, even fresh out of the chicken, yes literally I have collected eggs and boiled same day, boil water to a hard boil, ladle eggs into boiling water carefully, boil usual time I do between 12-18 minutes, immediately ladle out into ice water heavy on the ice, let cool. Will peal like a dream. wont help the yolk to close to the outside ugly thing but they will peal easily.

    • jeni streeter says:

      Ice is the key, at least from what I have experienced! I boil for 10 min (start to finish) let sit for 5 min and then fill pot w/ ice. let it melt, then peel under cold water. NEVER have a problem!!! Wish I would have know this when I was first married!!!

  128. Chris the collegekid says:

    Very nice article i got a good laugh at your honesty.
    I stumbled upon it while looking for a recipe (quite obviously lol)
    and not only did i get a good laugh but now my stomach is grumbling harder than before!
    I love to go take the extra mile to eat better, and i like to varie my foods but its so true that we then forget just how good the simple foods are. egg salad being the best example right next to tuna, both which cost very little to make and can be whipped up in a matter of minutes.

    Well anyway im going to start cooking now just wanted to say thanks!

  129. I like to put a little paprika in my egg salad makes it delicious, I also use miracle whip instead of mayonaise. If you are going for a deviled egg taste paprika will accomplish this.

  130. I was randomly thinking about egg salad tonight and came upon your blog. Great stuff! I haven’t had egg salad in years but fondly remember having it regularly as a child. I always had a thing for spicy food, so my mom used to whip up a special batch for me. She’d dice up a couple jalapeno peppers for texture, mix in some Sriracha hot sauce, miracle whip, mustard and a touch of ground pepper, paprika and onion powder. I think I’m going to have to make me some for lunch tomorrow. =)

  131. Mmmm! Delicious! I just took a bite out of it! Thanks for such a great, fast, and simple recipe. =D

  132. For the crunch on egg salad sandwich, I put a few potato chips on top of the egg salad before I eat it.

  133. I’m a huge fan of chips on sandwiches. Sometimes, if I don’t have any chips left, I’ll even use pretzels to get the crunch.

  134. Been having a taste for egg salad for a loooong time and now I think I’ll make some!

    Potato chips on the sandwich… Used to do that in school and we thought we were so clever and cool! Now I have a craving for that too.

  135. my granny always added bacon to her egg salad so so good

  136. My business is exotic art and philanthropy. So, nothing to do with cooking or food, BUT “I love me some egg salad”. To use your comment and actually I wasn’t sure what the recommended mix of mayo to mustard is. Although, it sounds like going with your own preference on amounts is ultimately the way to go. So, what’s my point? I’m glad you posted this. Because I couldn’t find it on the incredible egg site. So, I found it here.


  137. The BEST egg salad sandwich I’ve ever had was at a restaurant that no longer serves it!! I was so sad to find that out. Anyway, they would serve it (without relish or anything like that because I don’t care for crunchiness in my egg salad) on toasted sourdough bread with melted cheese and bacon. I can’t even say what type of cheese they used…definitely not Kraft American. Whatever they used, it didn’t overpower the taste of the egg salad as some cheeses would. I’ve tried making it at home but it never turns out the same. It was seriously the most delicious sandwich I’ve ever had.

  138. Oh yeah, and I love chips on sandwiches. :)

  139. Drew, just put 1 tbsp. of white vinegar in the water with the eggs when you boil them, and you will be able to peel them without a hitch. You won’t even have those tiny clinging bits of eggshell that sometimes get on there.

  140. Egg salad! I’ve got some left-over, hard-boiled eggs in the fridge; I’m making egg salad…
    And I’m gonna add some pickles. Maybe some bacon, too!

  141. I just want to give you the BIGGEST Thank-you. Im sitting here working and thought hey Ill make some egg so after i already boiled them then im like, i couldnt remeber exactly how much of what, all the other web sites wanna gormet everything, its so annoying, thanx for keeping it simple. Have you ever put onions in egg salad?

  142. I haven’t, but a bunch of people in the comments before you have said they like it. I’d mince them pretty fine before I tried it, to avoid having big chunks of onion in there.

  143. I had a couple dozen eggs sitting in the refrigerator for about a month. So, a couple weeks ago, I boiled most of them. (After boiling them for 15 minutes, I put them into an ice bath for another 15 minutes and the shells veritably fell off–but, I will try the white vinegar trick.) You can only eat so many hard-boiled eggs, so, I thought…egg salad sandwich!

    But, I didn’t know how to make egg salad! However, after googling and finding this site, it became quick and simple! …And delicious! (Hey, I’ll bet this recipe could work for a basic potato salad too!)

    Anyway, I decided to teach myself to cook and, now, egg salad has become another of my accomplishments.

    But, the fact is, no matter how good I may get in the kitchen, I’ll never be able to cook, quite, like my grandmother!

  144. Loved this recipe!! We’re on vacation in Ocean Beach, Alabama and needed to use up the last of our food. We had eggs and some condiments, looked up egg salad, and was thoroughly impressed. Thanks!

  145. ElizabethWS says:

    I love this recipe. No vegetables or spices allowed! IMHO celery and curry just about ruin an egg salad for good. This is simple and yellow and perfect! Just like my southern great-aunt used to make.

  146. Easter Bunny says:

    Just wanted to thank the author of this recipe ! It is still on the internet helping others. My 5 year old “Bunny” just made this recipe so he could enjoy his first egg salad sandwich. We cut the ingredients all in half for a quick fun test run. We had a good laugh account of we only had just enough mustard left and the sound an almost empty mustard bottle can make for some added accompaniment to the smell of the eggs !

  147. Add a couple tablespoons of vinegar to egg boiling water, it makes them peel easier.

  148. pickles

  149. You have to have fresh eggs of course!

  150. love that you love egg salad! We have it all the time in our house. I have to say, when dicing up the eggs, I’ll bet your grandmother didn’t have one of those handy dandy egg dicers, lol. I also prefer yellow mustard…a little goes a long way. I’ll agree to the 3 tbsp of mayonnaise but when measuring the yellow mustard, just squeeze a bit in and stir…the color should be pale yellow…i am guessing 3/4 tsp. oh and salt and pepper…a little dash of paprika for color!

  151. Eatingood! says:

    I have been looking up all kinds of good egg recipes and this one is my favorite. But I just realized…I HAVE NO EGGS! Must go to store!

    But I really like this. It is simple but tasty and once you have it you crave it for weeks! I could have this everyday for a month and still want to eat it! It’s just great!

  152. Casey in TN says:

    I had never had egg salad, when I was younger I hated eggs…. Would not eat them. Now, eggs are one of my favorite foods an I tried this for the first time today and have a new favorite. I was a picky eater as a child. Now, I’m up for trying new things.

  153. Pamela in TX says:

    The best egg salad IS the simplest, as I have tried different versions, and keep coming back to the egg, mayo and mustard! One extra little thing I add though, is just a bit of Worchestire sauce, which gives it an extra kick!

    Thanks to all for the tips on hard boiling the eggs properly!! Will definitely try them out.

  154. I came here looking for old-fashioned egg salad, nothing modern with stuff in it that I never heard of. I have always made it, but since my mom did not teach me anything kitchen-related, I thought maybe I was missing out on something. Nope, just mayo and mustard and a lil celery salt and pepper, and some pickle relish if I remember. Good with chips. Just made some! Yum!

  155. I just found your blog today and am very impressed! I made egg salad today for part of a lunch for an out-of-town friend visiting, and it was delicious!
    My method for peeling hard-boiled eggs is rather simple — I start them in cold water and on low heat, so that they won’t break. I gradually turn the heat up until the water is boiling. After 10 – 15 minutes of boiling, I drain the hot water and then while holding the lid on the pan, I shake it back & forth gently, until all the egg shells are very cracked and some are coming off. Then I add cold water and peel each one under the running water. It works very well for me.
    Also, I used an old fashioned potato masher (similar to this ) to mash up the eggs which works very well.
    Thank you again and I am looking forward to checking out what else is on your site.

  156. Gary Rasdall says:

    Absolutely, get an egg cooker! They are fast, easy, and nearly fool proof. Eggs bought today and cooked today peel easily. Plus they don’t turn green around the edges and the yolk stays in the middle. You will find that you make more hard boiled eggs because it’s so easy.

  157. Gary Rasdall says:

    A sandwich shop here in Tucson makes an egg salad with lettuce, bacon and tomato and spreads the bread with cream cheese. Delicious.

    • Sam Markham says:

      The Sahara, a pita shop in Wilmington, NC stuffs a whole wheat pita with plain variety and fluffy egg salad, sliced homegrown tomato and lettuce. It’s perfection.

      I make egg salad different ways. Sometimes a little finely chopped celery gives a nice crunch.

    • Now that sounds good. Too bad I just had breakfast.

    • Yes Gary you are correct, get an egg cooker, too easy and perfect every time. Thanks for the tip about cream cheese on the bread for egg salad. Tried it today and was delicious.

  158. The last few years, I’ve been adding aprox. 2 olives per egg in my egg salad — the green kind with pimentos. Chopped or minced. Odd, since I don’t like olives as a rule–I mean, I can’t pop one in my mouth and just eat an olive. hehe But the olives add an appealing taste and also “pretties” it up, too, with the specks of red and green in the salad.

    My mother used to add minced onion to hers. I’m not a fan of onions in my egg salad though.

    • I’m not a fan of olives either, but I might give it a try based on your recommendation. Thanks for the idea.

  159. Thank you for having a truely simple reciepe for egg salad! Yes I googled “How to make egg salad” I have tried it once before with just my own made up reciepe needless to say it didn’t work out that well so I gave up until today. I looked at about 10 other reciepes before I came to yours and they all said celery and celery seeds and other things like that and I was about to give up as I looked at my screen and said “I just want a plain old egg salad” and the next one I looked at was yours. I also loved your comment about the deviled eggs because I love me some deviled eggs too. I couldn’t figure out why I could make deviled eggs and not egg salad, turns out to much mayo and mustard. After looking through all the comments on this post I was wondering if you thought a post about egg salad would be getting steady comments for over three years?! Very impressive

  160. I live in Amarillo, Texas. I make my egg salad with chopped hard boiled eggs,
    mayo, mustard, salt, pepper, dash of paprika and finely chopped celery.
    Eggcellent !! : )

  161. the key to a good egg salad…just chop some green peppers and onions and mix em up in there mmmmmmmmm….I also like it on toasted bread with a slice of cheese :)

  162. When I was a kid there was always a plate of little triangle sandwiches with yellow filling on the table at the church socials. I loved them, but had no idea what they were. Hey, I was a kid! I made this egg salad for the first time last night. When I tasted it I realized what those were!

    Good food, good memories.

    I’m enjoying my egg salad on whole wheat right now. And yes, I cut it into little triangles.

  163. Anita Goodman says:

    I just stumbled on this tonight (Dec., 2011) and am so glad I did. My family came from Kansas and Oklahoma and the cooking was plain, filling and delicious. Egg salad was always a favorite but for some reason I got away from it for a long time. Now I’m back. I just boiled some eggs in my egg cooker and will be making some egg salad. I might even share just a little with my grandsons. My Mom and Grandma always put sweet relish in egg salad and potato salad, but I prefer dill and minced onions. I love the idea of a pita bread sandwich so I don’t drip the salad everywhere. Will get some pita bread tomorrow. Thanks for a great blog.
    Oh, I also have a recipe for a mayonnaise chocolate cake that is so easy, moist, and delicious if you’re interested. My Mom cooked at our junior high school back when there were cooks that actually made a cooked meal for the kids. She was the baker and made the best cinnamon rolls!

    • Anita, our kids go to a school where they still make (some of) their own food. Okay, it’s frequently mac and cheese or pizza, but still …

      • Most people LOVE relish/pickles… but i hate it in my eggsalad. My taste pallete believes dill goes with deli sandwiches.
        It’s great you left it out.

        Anyway… this New yorker puts a lil sazon in my eggsalad..
        egg+mayo+salt+pepper+sazon….. get’s the crowd going wild.

        However…. I find it admirable that you posted this simply recipe.
        It BY FAR truimps them all…. all people can enjoy this.
        all the other recipes online involve… curry,celery,relish,pickle juice… and then people make it and think WTF AM I EATING???!!!!! lol…..

        GOOD JOB GREG!!!!!

      • and by greg…. i mean….

        GREAT JOB DREW!!!!!!!!

      • and by greg…. (((my boss’ name who just called me)))

        GOOD JOB DREWWW!!!!!!!!

        .SRY… fml

  164. I remember my childhood baby sitter making this for our lunch….& haven’t had it since! So… I had to Google how to make it;
    thanks Drew. I cannot wait to make this for my kiddos.

  165. -amberr' says:

    i always add a little bit of salt and butt load of pepper…
    you should try it..(:

  166. I love the way you write. It’s really good!

  167. Do i put the inside in the egg salad?

  168. can'tcook says:

    I really want some egg salad right now. One of my friends mom made a bunch for a picnic we went on, it was awesome. I’m scared last time I tried to make deviled eggs it was a disaster. :(

  169. Jan Bow says:

    I love to make egg salad, I do something a little different, I add a little horseradish. Along with pickle relish. I have to make it for a baby shower for 50 people that is what brought me to this website. I thought I would buy 10 dozen eggs I feel that should be enough, what do you think Drew?

    • That’s two-plus eggs per person. Unless that’s the only thing you’re serving, that’s going to be a lot of egg salad.

  170. You forgot Old Bay … makes egg salad perfect!

  171. Absolutely LOVE this sight, your awesome!! Great recipes, and advice!! :)

  172. I make egg salad probably once a month…we absolutely love it! Love your advice Kevin and everyone else. I add one more ingredient that makes it extra yummy (and didn’t see it on here yet) and that’s a bit of sugar. Not much! But try a teaspoon or two per dozen eggs in the bowl as you’re mixing, you’ll see….
    Yes, I make a dozen or 18 eggs at at time! There’s only 4 of us, but it never makes it through even one day.
    12 eggs, couple tablespoons of mayo, one tblspn mustard, salt, pepper, dash of sugar, bit of sweet relish. Toast the bread and get crispy lettuce. YUM!
    (I also put a tiny bit of sugar in my chili and spaghetti sauces too. Its amazing the huge difference such a tiny bit makes…..I’m not crazy lol!)

    • Sugar in spaghetti sauce is a common fix for over-acidic tomatoes. Personally I like it tart, and find the sweetness of the sauteed onions is enough.

  173. So I just tried egg salad for yhe first time ever a few months ago…. my boyfriend made somevout of the blue. And I really been craving it lately but had absolutley no idea how to even begin. Thanks for the recipe I’m so excited to make some although it might not be the best idea at 1am so i guess I’ll have to wait till tomorrow……congrats on your 100th post :-)

  174. Thanx for the recipe, I see im many years late! But when you post a perfect classic, What do you expect. :) Still want your Mythbuster egg cooking and peeling results.Thanks again and Happy 2013 !

  175. I am trying to make some egg salad for the 1st time but I like it better with miracle whip instead of mayo. How much would I use?

  176. I put too much salt in the egg salad today. Anyway to tone down the too salty taste?

    • Couple of ideas. To balance salty try sour (lemon) or sweet (sugar). Or go for a more savory and add some parsley or milk.

      Personally, I’d go with the parsley first, then put the egg salad on a bed of lettuce with tomato, because tomato is always good with extra salt.

  177. Hi,
    Thank you for posting your recipe. I am curious: what can I use instead of mayonnaise? something a little more healthy, will milk work?

  178. Alexander says:

    Woohoo! Thank you for the nostalgic meal! I’ll try not to add as much mustard next time though… The lettuce was a nice touch. My sandwich was gone before I could say ‘I want another’.

  179. Judi Borne says:

    I just hard boiled some eggs to dye with my Niece and was thinking I love egg salad but I wonder how you make it. So I went to research and came up with your blog. I am so excited to make some for my lunch tomorrow. Thanks for writing this blog for those of us who have not made it yet love it. Glad I discovered your blog.

  180. MommaKat says:

    Who would’ve thought that this blog entry, that you made all those years ago, is still active and helping people (such as myself) learn how to make such a “simple” dish. Well, I would like to thank you for this recipe. My darling daughters have a mom (me) that could “burn water” (despite my having growing up with a mom who was a wonderful cook) and it’s nice to feel like maybe my 9 & 11 yr old will remember & want to make some of these fun dishes when they get to have lil darlings of their own one day.

    Thank You!!!

  181. Harmony M says:

    Love it! Like many others I never could get the right ratio! This was perfect. Made it for lunch, added a tiny bit of chopped dill pickle, and all 3 boys in the family devoured it! They all had 2 sandwiches! Even my 5 yr old! Needless to say it was great! Ty! Although now I am fearing tomorrows 4 hr road trip with them all lol! Wish me luck!


  1. […] make Egg Salad and it’s been haunting me.  So, I went on a hunt and found a website called How To Cook Like Your Grandmother.  The instructions were brilliantly simple and I loved the lead in story, I just knew I could do […]

  2. […] make Egg Salad and it’s been haunting me.  So, I went on a hunt and found a website called How To Cook Like Your Grandmother.  The instructions were brilliantly simple and I loved the lead in story, I just knew I could do […]

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