How To Make Egg Drop Soup

Some people call chicken noodle soup “Jewish penicillin”. In our house, colds call for egg drop soup. Except for Jenn, she likes wonton … but I won’t hold that against her.

I’ll admit, when everyone is sick all at the same time I’ll call the local Chinese place and have it delivered. But if I’ve got time to plan ahead, it takes about five minutes to make my own.

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How To Make Vinegar-based (Panini’s) Coleslaw

If you’re like me, you don’t like runny, mayonnaise-based coleslaw. But the vinegar and pepper kind Panini’s puts on their sandwiches? That’ll do.

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How To Make Take-out Style Wings

Once upon a time restaurants advertised that their food was just like home-made. Then there was frozen food that was just like home-made. Then a strange thing happened: They started saying the frozen stuff was just like take-out.

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How To Make Blue Cheese Dip

No point in hiding from it: Yes, blue cheese is moldy cheese. It’s cool, though. Yogurt has live cultures in it too, and you like yogurt. (Uh oh, you did know that about yogurt, didn’t you?)

If you’ve got a mental block about eating moldy cheese I won’t try to convince you. But if you just think you don’t like blue cheese dip because you’ve only ever had the stuff they serve in little plastic cups at the wing place, you should really try some of the good stuff.

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How To Make Slow-Roasted Chicken

Have I mentioned lately how much I love our Dutch oven? (Even though Le Creuset insists on calling it a French oven.) You can throw just about any big hunk of meat in there and a few hours later you've got an amazing dinner. The funny thing is, the more we use it the more we go in two opposite directions: More seasoning (potted chicken with tomatoes and Italian herbs), and less seasoning. And both directions are great. I'm starting to think the secret may be a well-cooked piece of meat. Who … [Read more...]