Larry’s Jalapeño Cheese Bread For The Grill

Every Thursday afternoon (except on Superbowl Sunday), a group of very nice folks gathers together behind a local neighborhood pub, fire up a Weber™ grill, bring out their contributions, usually sausages, marinated meats, shrimp and other delights for the fire. I bring Jalapeño-cheese sourdough bread (and sometimes smoked-pepper sourdough). If I don't show up for a week or two, when I return, there are comments about how much they missed the bread. Not me, just the bread. … [Read more...]

Make It Yourself Monday: Dairy Extravaganza

The Frugal Hostess is very sophisticated and also extra fancy. However, she does enjoy some good, old-fashioned, hand-made vittles. In particular, she likes to try to make things herself that you might ordinarily just purchase. Much to her delight, TFH found a soulmate in one Ms. Karen Solomon, author of the book "Jam It, Pickle It, Cure It." And thus was inspired a Dairy Extravaganza. … [Read more...]

Pantry Math by the Frugal Hostess

This is a guest post from The Frugal Hostess. After you read it, click the link at the end to go to her blog and subscribe to it. The Frugal Hostess was never a big fan of doing math. The memorization and detail really got her down. The boringness, the lack of drama, and the repetition kept her down. Down with math, man. So it's interesting how often TFH finds herself doing equations in her everyday life. Is she the only person for whom this is true? Why is she forever in search of … [Read more...]

Onion and Pepper Variations on Larry’s Sourdough

Remember Larry's sourdough bread method? In case you missed it, Larry, the Keep It Simple Engineer, has got sourdough bread making down to a science. He shared a four-part series showing how he does it. Larry mentioned in the introduction that he does a jalapeño-cheese variation, which I'm still waiting to see. (Hint-hint, Larry. :-) ) While we're waiting for that one, here are an onion version, and one with pepper. … [Read more...]

How To Make Dehydrated Onion

Today's article is another one from Larry, the Keep It Simple Engineer, who gave us the four-part series on sourdough bread. This time it's a great technique for helping to stock the pantry. He's doing it with onions, but I plan on doing this with a bunch of herbs this summer. … [Read more...]