How To Modify A Recipe

Sometimes the best recipes are the result of an accident. Like when Allan didn't have the ingredients I listed for the braised ribs so he improvised ... and made the best ribs he's ever had. … [Read more...]

Make It Yourself Monday: Booze Treats

Today is another guest post from The Frugal Hostess [TFH]. After you read it, click the link at the end to go to her blog and subscribe to it. A wretched week and a hacking cough recently set TFH off on a bender of booze-making. Here are some of the things she made. … [Read more...]

How To Clean Strawberries

Now that we're approaching strawberry season, I thought it would be helpful to completely gross you out. Oops, sorry, that's me who was completely grossed out. So now I'm showing it to you. I can't help it, I'm a sharing person. … [Read more...]

Slow Cooker Tips

I'm  a fan of slow cookers, but lots of people have trouble with them. There's a good reason, which most people don't know: Slow cookers today aren't nearly as slow as they used to be. Rather than risk lawsuits from people undercooking their chicken, the manufacturers have been raising the temperatures of their cookers for years. The Low setting on many new cookers will cook faster than the High setting on some older ones. So if you've got a recipe your grandmother wrote based on her slow … [Read more...]

Pantry Math by the Frugal Hostess

This is a guest post from The Frugal Hostess. After you read it, click the link at the end to go to her blog and subscribe to it. The Frugal Hostess was never a big fan of doing math. The memorization and detail really got her down. The boringness, the lack of drama, and the repetition kept her down. Down with math, man. So it's interesting how often TFH finds herself doing equations in her everyday life. Is she the only person for whom this is true? Why is she forever in search of … [Read more...]