How To Make Razorback Potatoes

This recipe came from my wife's cousin, Heather. It's a really easy way to add a ton of flavor to plain-old baked potatoes. And once you've done it, you'll start thinking of all kinds of ways to change it up to match whatever you're going to serve it with. … [Read more...]

Potato Salad With Bacon and Egg

I've always liked my potato salad much drier than what you usually get from a store. The dressing is mostly mayonnaise with just enough vinegar to add some "bite" to it. And hard boiled egg ... lots of hard boiled egg. So today's recipe is a little bit of a departure, since the dressing is a bit thinner than I usually do. Of course, that's because I made the mayo from scratch. Using rendered bacon fat instead of vegetable oil. Have I ever mentioned how Everything Is Better With Bacon? … [Read more...]