Potato Salad With Bacon and Egg

I've always liked my potato salad much drier than what you usually get from a store. The dressing is mostly mayonnaise with just enough vinegar to add some "bite" to it. And hard boiled egg ... lots of hard boiled egg. So today's recipe is a little bit of a departure, since the dressing is a bit thinner than I usually do. Of course, that's because I made the mayo from scratch. Using rendered bacon fat instead of vegetable oil. Have I ever mentioned how Everything Is Better With Bacon? … [Read more...]

How To Dice Hard Boiled Eggs

Have you ever seen hard boiled eggs diced into those perfect little cubes and wondered how they did that? It's really easy to do as long as you have a wire egg slicer. I'm generally not a fan of single-purpose gadgets in the kitchen, but this one makes the cut. … [Read more...]