Are you making your kids fat?

Cookie Monster now teaches that cookies are a "sometimes food". I think he's the wrong one to present that message, but it's absolutely right. That's one of the things I talk about over at my new site, where I show how I've lost 35 pounds since Thanksgiving. (While eating the kind of food I show on this site.) Yesterday on that site I asked if people are concerned about their kids' weight. I'd love to hear what you have to say about that. Click here and take two minutes and go answer the poll … [Read more...]

What Do You Make For Christmas Dinner?

With Christmas coming up, I thought I'd ask what everyone is planning on making. … [Read more...]

Where Do You Get Your Recipes?

Some people think coffee table books have to have big, pretty pictures. They haven't seen my coffee table. It's covered with old cookbooks my wife has picked up at garage sales and antique stores. Some of the most popular posts here -- perfect brownies, banana cake, peach cobbler -- started out from one of these books. Where do you get your recipes? (You can choose one or two answers.) … [Read more...]

Do You Have “A Place For Everything”?

Last week I asked if you work clean. Down in the comments, Jenni mentioned something about hiding the salt from each other ... which I completely understood. Some people have "a place" that things are supposed to be: The salt and pepper are on the bottom shelf, all the way on the left; basil and oregano are on the turntable to the right; baking soda and baking powder on the second shelf from the bottom, etc. … [Read more...]

Do You “Work Clean”?

Food Network is always showing competitions where cake or candy makers have 8 hours to make the most amazing whatever-it-is that they're making. They're not judged just on the finished product, but on how clean they work. Meaning, do they keep their work area clean while they're working? I usually work clean when I'm cooking. It's a habit I picked up when I worked in a restaurant in college. There's no way you cook for a 12 hour shift and wait until the end to clean everything up. You'd run … [Read more...]