Do You Have “A Place For Everything”?

Last week I asked if you work clean. Down in the comments, Jenni mentioned something about hiding the salt from each other … which I completely understood.

Some people have “a place” that things are supposed to be: The salt and pepper are on the bottom shelf, all the way on the left; basil and oregano are on the turntable to the right; baking soda and baking powder on the second shelf from the bottom, etc.

Other people put things away in whatever is the first open spot they see. Which makes it easy for them to find next time they need it, but makes the other person think, “We must be out. I’ll buy another.”

So which one are you, the “Stop hiding the salt” nutjob with the vein throbbing on your temple every time you can’t find something, or the “Open your eyes and look, it’s right in front of you” slacker who can’t understand what the big deal is?

Do you have "a place" for everything?

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