Fastest Way To Prep Peppers

I don't know why I haven't shown this one yet. This is how you prep peppers when they're going to be cooked into something and you don't care if each individual slice is pretty and presentable. … [Read more...]

Knife Skills – Dicing Jalapeños

The first time you make a recipe with jalapeños, there's something that the recipe probably won't say: don't use the ones in a jar that you find on a shelf next to the pickles. Those are great on nachos, but you don't want to cook with them. Which means you'll need to know how to cut fresh jalapeños. So here it is. … [Read more...]

Knife Skills – Dicing Tomatoes

Some things are really hard to describe. That's what pictures are good for. But sometimes even pictures don't cut it. (Heh, "cut it" ... I kill me.) That's why I've got a couple of videos today. The right way -- and the wrong way -- to dice tomatoes. … [Read more...]