Fastest Way To Prep Peppers

I don’t know why I haven’t shown this one yet. This is how you prep peppers when they’re going to be cooked into something and you don’t care if each individual slice is pretty and presentable.

The key to this technique is to keep the knife close to the inner surface of the pepper. This will keep you from getting pulp and seeds in with the pepper.

Stand the pepper upright and start with the knife right next to the stem, angled out, then slice one side off.

Turn a quarter turn and do the same, then again for the third side.

When you’re down to the last side, lay it down and cut the core out.

If you’ve stayed very close to the inner surface, there won’t be very much of the white ribs to remove. Lay the pieces down and trim out whatever is left, the same way you’d fillet a fish.

And that’s it.

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