How To Make Tortilla Chips

I love going to Mexican restaurants. All the ones around here have fresh chips and salsa on the table as soon as you sit down. I've occasionally had some sub-par salsa, but the hot, fresh chips are always totally addictive. I'm not quite ready to make my own tortillas, but with a pack of 50 pre-made corn tortillas costing about a dollar -- and the ingredients looking about like what I'd use myself -- I'm okay with buying them for now. And the chips ... oh, man, the chips are good. … [Read more...]

How To Live Like Great-great-grandma, Part 3

We've already learned my girls aren't interested in milking cows. (And by the way, neither are most of you.) And that Hale Farm and Village clearly represents a very wealthy historic town, since they have an organ and a "school bus". So how about the domestic work? Would any of us want to cook the way our great-great-grandmothers did? … [Read more...]

How To Live Like Great-great-grandma, Part 2

In the first set of shots from Hale Farm and Village, the girls learned that they liked going to school just fine, compared to all the work they'd have to do on the farm. Now, they get to see a bit about community life. … [Read more...]

How To Live Like Great-great-grandma

Earlier this month we took the girls to Hale Farm and Village see how their great-great-grandparents might have lived. They had fun, but let's just say by the end of the day they were glad for some of the modern conveniences. … [Read more...]