How To Live Like Great-great-grandma, Part 2

In the first set of shots from Hale Farm and Village, the girls learned that they liked going to school just fine, compared to all the work they’d have to do on the farm. Now, they get to see a bit about community life.

Small-town life really hasn’t changed all that much. They had most of the same things we have.

High fashion.

(Note especially the painted canvas tarp on the floor.)

School bus.

Bug zapper

Backyard garden.

Game shows.

Christmas decorations.


And just like our decorations, they came in packages that you can never fit them back into for storage.

Live music. (Note the rope. I’ll get to that.)

Modern lighting.

That’s what the rope is for … changing the burned-out lights. Pretty high tech if you ask me.

And in school, they had a class pet.

Actually, that’s a chimney swift. They come in and sleep hanging from the wall each night. Today, for some reason, this one stayed all day.

And finally, just like today, the wealthiest people in town show off by decorating with fine antiques.

I’m sorry, what was that? They weren’t what? Sure they were, I could … but … uh-huh, uh-huh … Oh.

Umm … forget that last one, okay?

Check back for what housework was like.