How To Make Mummy Stew (AKA Chicken Pot Pie)

Want your picky-eater kid to try something new? Wait until Halloween, dress it up a little and give it a gross name. Like turning a classic comfort food recipe – chicken pot pie – into Mummy Stew.

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Halloween Treat: Octodogs

Every parent knows that kids prefer to eat "fun" food than plain old normal food. Halloween gives us a great opportunity to cater to this impulse, making food that's as much fun to look at as it is to eat. Sometimes that goes so far that grown-ups won't eat it. Like chocolate pudding served in a cloth diaper. (Yeah, seen it at a party. Hilarious.) Octodogs are well to the "tame" side, but still plenty of fun. … [Read more...]

Our Jack-o’-lanterns for 2009

Okay, so I've been a little slow getting these posted. Better late than never, right? … [Read more...]

Two More Halloween Treats

I didn't really plan on doing a whole series of Halloween treats for the kids, it just sort of worked out this way. I think these two may be the last of them for this year, but with a week to go I don't want to bet on it.Eyeballs on a ForkFirst up is the eyeball on a fork up top there. All you need is donut holes (powdered sugar works best), white chocolate chips, semi-sweet chocolate chips, and red decorator icing. If you've done candy before, skip down to the next picture. You can probably … [Read more...]

And Another One for Halloween

This one might be hard to do on purpose. It was sort of a lucky accident, the same as the mutant pancake puffs that we called fried tumors. When I was boiling eggs, there was one that was a little bit cracked. I figured I'd toss it in anyway. (Okay, so I placed it carefully, don't be a smart-aleck.) The worst that could happen is I make some egg drop soup. Well ... not quite. … [Read more...]