And Another One for Halloween

This one might be hard to do on purpose. It was sort of a lucky accident, the same as the mutant pancake puffs that we called fried tumors.

When I was boiling eggs, there was one that was a little bit cracked. I figured I’d toss it in anyway. (Okay, so I placed it carefully, don’t be a smart-aleck.) The worst that could happen is I make some egg drop soup.

Well … not quite.

The egg started to squeeze out, but didn’t completely detach, as you can see above.

The little pocket of air that’s in the big end of all but the freshest eggs — buy your eggs 2-3 weeks before you plan to boil them and they’ll peel better — expanded like crazy.

Tear it in half, and it’s not hard to convince yourself (or your small kids) that it’s a small skull.

Just don’t give them too much time to look at it before you pop it in your mouth and start making, “Mmm, yummy,” sounds.