World’s Easiest Ice Cream Recipe


Ice cream is pretty simple to make, but can be tedious and time-consuming. This one is too simple. You won’t believe it’s as good as I’m telling you.

I didn’t believe it either. I read about it over a month before I finally made it … what a waste of time. If you like ice cream, you have to try this. It’s amazing.


— optional —


Did you read those ingredients or just skip over? Go look again, make sure you get what I’m saying. Just bananas. And maybe a little milk just to make it go faster.

The earliest reference I can find to this recipe is from The Kitchn, where it was published last summer.

Peel some over-ripe bananas. The ones that usually end up in banana bread during the cooler months.

Chop into pieces that will fit in your food processor or blender.

Pop them in the freezer for at least an hour. Put the frozen pieces in your food processor.

(That’s the Ninja, of course.)

Pulse a few times to break up the big pieces. Hold on tight, it will rock a bit when the blades catch on the big chunks.

At first it will look chunky and granular. If you’re super-impatient, add a splash of milk to hurry the process along.

But you don’t really need it. Just keep scraping down the sides and processing and it will suddenly get all creamy and smooth.

It’s got the consistency of soft-serve custard.

When bananas are past their prime and almost too mushy to work with, they have much less banana flavor.

My wife was even more skeptical than I was that this would work. I let her taste mine and didn’t get my bowl back. Good thing I still had more in the Ninja. And some Ghirardelli semi-sweet chocolate chips.

And that’s it.

World’s Easiest Ice Cream Recipe

World’s Easiest Ice Cream Recipe


  • bananas
  • -- optional --
  • milk


Peel the bananas. (This works best with bananas that are past their prime, nearly too mushy to work with.) Cut into pieces that will fit into your food processor or blender.

Freeze the banana pieces for at least an hour.

Place the frozen banana in your food processor and pulse until ground up. Scrape down the sides. Keep processing until it becomes smooth and creamy. A splash of milk will speed up the process.


  1. Kristina says:

    No refrigeration? No flavoring added?

    Wow. I cannot wait to try this out. You have just made my day.

    • Sarah Menace says:

      I’m pretty sure putting them in the freezer counts as refrigeration.

    • Umm no. You *have* to freeze the banana chunks.

      • rinkrat says:

        I assume she meant that you don’t need to pack the blender in ice and rock salt, freeze a machine liner, or use a refrigerating ice cream maker. No refrigeration in the ice cream-making process itself, beyond preparing (freezing) the ingredients.

    • Try adding a dab of peanut butter, some raw instant oatmeal, dash of instant oatmeal and some mini chocolate chips! Amazing! or even just a spoonful of cocoa and oats! Wonderful stuff!


    • ..that’s right, it’s magic

  2. mmmm, throw some walnuts in there too and you’ve got Ben and Jerry’s Chunky Monkey ice cream, a staple in my freezer during my pregnancies!

  3. This looks amazingly good and simple. You know i’ve seen other recipes for one ingredient banana ice cream..but your pictures actually make me want to eat it (somehow other’s recipes didn’t look that great). I think I might actually try this now!

  4. Looks good! I def. want to try it – maybe this afternoon instead of the daily smoothie. :)

  5. Have you tried frozen strawberries (or any other frozen fruit, peaches, etc.)??? I always put a little milk/cream and a little splenda or sugar in with other fruit. Don’t know why I didn’t try bananas. I always put older bananas in the freezer so I’ll have them for banana bread…. no more…. they are now all ice cream…… yum!! P.S. After reading your review for the Ninja, I bought one…. got read of food processor, hand mixer, and blender! I love my Ninja!

  6. Recently I’ve been making this recipe for my family and they love it. Instead of milk I use heavy whipping cream and use frozen sliced bananas (freeze the day before). Put your frozen sliced bananas in a blender, add some heavy whipping cream and puree. Heavenly and exactly like soft serve ice-cream. I’ve also added a bit of honey when I puree it but it’s sweet without.

  7. Great idea! My old bananas usually end up in bread; this would work so well in the summertime!

  8. My family’s been doing this since before I was born. We added more milk to make milkshakes, though.

    Strawberries work really well, too.

  9. This is fantastic !!! Thank you so much for the recipe.

  10. The earliest reference to this is last summer? Please! Do real research! Cafes (like Bashful Banana in Ocean City NJ) have been selling it straight out of the juicer for 20 years! And it’s in a lot of simple cookbooks and blogs. It’s been around as long as people have been blending stuff!

    • calm down, mike…

      • Heh, thanks for the backup, but I’ll take this one.

        When I saw the recipe it was called “single ingredient ice cream”. I Googled for “single ingredient ice cream”, in quotes so it was an exact match, and with a date range of January 1, 1990 to July 31, 2010.

        Know what I found? No references. If I had known they served it at the Bashful Banana, I wouldn’t have just discovered it last month, would I?

      • Saying you did poor research does not excuse you from the criticism that you didn’t do your research.

      • Wow, the haters are out in force this time.

        So just out of curiosity … what’s the standard of proof demanded by a casual reference to sources in a food blog? Is it “beyond a reasonable doubt”? Or is it “by a preponderance of evidence”?

        Or I know, how about, “I wanted to give credit to the site that I got it from, and didn’t see anyone else calling it by the same name before they did.”

        But hey, criticize all you want. I’ve got a thick skin. You know what might help, though? If you want to criticize my research, maybe you can point to your own food blog, where you’ve not only shown the step-by-step process for the recipe, but also provided annotated references to all prior examples.

        If you don’t already have your own blog, I’d be happy to run your work as a guest post. Or I can set up a blog for you. So you can show me the right way to write about food.

      • I’m not hatin’, but I did just now (before reading this far into the posts) post and mention my blog, where I have a few variations on the idea. I tend to like other fruit in mine, so mine aren’t “single ingredient”…but the same idea none-the-less.

    • I had this about 15 years ago at a roadside fruit stand in Maui. They ran the frozen bananas through what looked like a meat grinder to me and wow, it so good! I tried to replicate it with my Kitchenaid mixer with meat grinder attachment and it came close but not exactly right….

      • Wow, who cares about the research. The recipe is awesome and yall just jealous. Go buy a banana and sit on your over sized internet ego. I can’t stand to see how something as honest as sharing a simple recipe, new or old, with other people can be easily slaughtered in the comments by jealous douchers who have no soul.

  11. All I can say is YUM!!! Thanks for the quick and healthy recipe! Off to make some summer ice cream goodness.

  12. I just bought bananas yesterday. I am totally making this, and trying it, with Strawberries! I will let you know how it goes!

  13. Lauran Mason says:

    This sounds wonderful. But I have a son who is allergic to bananas, do you have any other quick ice cream recipes?

    • I usually hear banana as a substitute for people who are allergic to other things. One you might try, though it’s not really creamy at all, is to blend frozen pineapple and some ice, make a slushie from it. Really good, if you like pineapple that is.

    • You may like to try avocado. I use it in ice cream recipes and it’s a great substitute for banana or dairy cream. It’s make ice cream really creamy!

      • avocado ice cream?? wow that sounds SOO YUMMY. i LOVE avocadoes.. i’m gonna try that….thanx,

    • Lauren~ If your son is not allergic to mango, try that. It’s the only other fruit I have found to turn out as creamy as the banana does. You can buy already frozen chunks of them, too.

    • Lauren~ If your son is not allergic to mango, try that. It’s the only other fruit I have found to turn out as creamy as the banana does. You can buy already frozen chunks of them, too.

      (Sorry about the double post, Drew, but for some reason the last one ended up on the wrong thread. Wanted Lauren to see it, so I am reposting. Hope it works right this time!!)

  14. Can’t wait to try this! Sounds so good and just what I need to have something yummy without all the sweetness!

  15. Lauran,
    Do you have another son?

  16. Oh, yum! This sounds delish!! 😀

  17. “hot ice cream”! LOL!

  18. We have bananas growing in our garden all year round. I cooked green bananas to over-ripe bananas (in curry, cake, jam, pie, mousse…), but I never tried banana ice-cream (I thought it was difficult). Your recipe couldn’t be easier and another great add to my “bananas recipes”.

  19. Wow, a Frutarian Ice Cream! My girlfriend will be pleased with this =)

    Too bad we are on winter. We will try this anyway.

  20. I once made something similar by feeding frozen bananas through a juicer. The pulp that is expelled is the ice cream. If you alternate with frozen berries, it’s delish … !

  21. wow! Really cool. Just one ingredient is needed

  22. I’ve tried this twice before and it’s so delicious. The only problem is both times I did it I broke the blender–my wife’s and my mom’s…

    • You probably know this by now but if you don”t, large chunks of fruit are harder than ice, which is why you broke the blenders. What I do is to put the bananas in a plastic bag and mash them evenly (about 1/4 inch, you can partition them for future use). Then place in freezer.

  23. Jonathan: Ninja. Seriously.

    • Christopher says:

      Ninja looks great, but the flood of unhappy people saying it burns out and breaks in as little as 3 uses will keep me away from it.

      • Marchelle says:

        I just bought my first Ninja on Black Friday…WalMart had them for less than $19.00. Have been using it regularly since then, making mostly ice cream and smoothies, with no problems.! LOVE MINE!

      • those people probably didn’t know how to use it. I got mine 2 years ago for Christmas and I love it!! My big blades broke because my stupid little brother put them on upside down and then tried using it. I was very pissed at him and was an inch away from killing him, but I finally got over it and I got a new one that has an even bigger motor and I love it. If it weren’t for some idiot trying to use it when they didn’t know how to, mine would never have broken. However, my motor still works perfectly–it has not burnt out yet, but I am also very careful so it doesn’t get too hot when I am using it.

  24. This certainly isn’t the way my grandmother cooked! I like real homemade ice cream made with a custard base.

    • Rita, so do I. I also like this, and it’s much faster than making custard-based ice cream.

    • ivan velez says:

      Rita… as in Rita’s Italian Ice and frozen custard? I love this place!

    • LOLOL… grandmother was NEVER any good at cooking much of anything. she made pretty good oatmeal. we called it porridge where i come from. anyway, she made it very lumpy~just the way i like it. she made potatoes just the same way…………..

  25. I cut out dairy a while back and have been wanting ice cream…this gives it to me. I HEART bananas! Thanks!

  26. Great ‘recipe’ man! It’s amazing, just bananas ice cream. I think it would be better though with some half and half or heavy cream so it has more protein to hold it stronger, maybe a little sugar as well. Thanks

  27. Hi! I have been making this softserve since childhood! Love the incorporation of fancy chocolate chips! Check out my most recent blog post here:
    where I make banana ice cream into mint-chocolate chip ice cream sandwiches!
    Also, a great raw food blogger Gina has blogged about it before here:

    Hope you check out some of her amazing recipes!

    your blog looks great- I’m adding you to my Google Reader :)

  28. I couldn’t read the whole post because of an OBNOXIOUS pop-up that came up after I stupidly…in fact, there it is now. You can’t move it out of your field of vision and it covers up almost ALL the screen!!!! It forces you to study the ad to find a way to shut it off.

    Sorry. I won’t be back. Too bad. I’d have liked to know how to make this stuff.

  29. First I thought this was a fake, but still I had to try it with some old bananas. It was just great, how come nobody ever thought about this before!?

    • I know what you mean. The whole time you’re making it, you’re thinking, “This is a snipe hunt. There’s no way it tastes good. All these people leaving comments are in on the joke.”

      • Okay now I really have to make this! It sounds really too good! How many bananas would you say make a small bowl? I don’t want to make too much.

      • One banana would be enough for me, but in my food processor that would just get stick to the sides. I’ve found that any less than three bananas doesn’t work, and that’s good for two adults and two kids. I might try it in the smaller processor next time.

      • Marchelle says:

        I have a small Ninja…about the size of a normal blender, and make it using one banana. I had to scrape it back down a couple of times but, with just a couple tablespoons of milk, it worked just fine!

  30. wow…..a lot of banana in my country…..i will try it, thanks anyway…..

  31. Dude, you made me go buy a Ninja. I’m off to buy bananas and I’m trying this tonight. I’m imagining it’s crazy healthy as well and since I love ice cream i hope it’s a good alternative. I’m new to the blog, not really a cook but it looks like I’m on my way to learning!

  32. Wonder how it would taste if you roasted the bananas first, then froze them?

    • It would taste like overkill. Really, this is a super-easy recipe. Roasting it first makes it complicated.

      Actually, I don’t think it would taste better anyway. Different, but not better, in my opinion.

  33. I love that!

  34. If for some reason there’s some leftover, can I store it like regular ice cream?

    • Sally, I tried that and it came out a bit too hard to scoop. I left it in the fridge for a while and it became easier. If you have to store leftovers, I’d recommend a wide, shallow dish so you can defrost it easier.

      Better, of course, is don’t make as much and leave some banana chunks in the freezer. I followed a link someone sent me and they showed a zip-top bag full of banana chunks they keep topped up in their freezer all summer.

      • Ahahaaa….that’s awesome and a perfect idea for some last minute guests. Thank you so much!

  35. the first place it exploded from was choosing raw, in june last year. called banana soft serve

  36. First of all, the list of comments is hilarious. So much hoopla for a recipe, I said to myself… until I broke through the wall of skepticism and tried it…all I can say is Ooh La La! Thanks for the recipe!

  37. This recipe has been around since my kids were babies, thirty years ago, but it’s great to see that you’re resurrecting it for everyone. I still make this for me, even though the kids are long gone! It’s still a delicious low fat, no dairy, and no gluten treat for anyone on a special diet.

  38. WARNING:
    I tried this last night, and it was gross!

    • Steve, sorry you didn’t like it. Was it the texture or the taste you didn’t like?

      • I just tried this recipe. Froze the banana chunks for an hour and put it my blender. It is just runny banana – a pudding like consistency. Any advice?

      • Kym, an hour must not have been long enough. They need to be really hard before you start processing.

  39. slice the strawberries 1st & then freeze them (it took forever with whole strawberries, well, not really:)

  40. I made this in the office today and loved it. Adding strawberries worked very well, and I’d love to taste it with peaches too. In fact, I’m now intending to buy a blender this weekend, just to make more of this at home.

    I added it to too.

  41. Sometimes I just freeze a banana then eat. Don’t blend it. Too lazy plus I didn’t think of it.

  42. Sounds so good but I have 2 questions:
    1. Is this really what you intended to say? “When bananas are past their prime and almost too mushy to work with, they have much less banana flavor.” I thought it was the other way around–as they ripened, they became more flavorful.

    2. Since I don’t have a Ninja, would a full-size Cuisinart food processor work? I certainly don’t want to ruin a rather pricey appliance to make ice cream. What do you think?

    Thanks for sharing all your great ideas!

    • Mary, once they go past their prime, bananas taste sweeter and sweeter and, in my opinion, taste less like banana.

      Yes, the Cuisinart should work. Just remember to do short pulses at first until the large chunks are broken up.

  43. Missy Z says:

    You are the entire reason I bought a ninja! I MUST do this.

  44. Your recipes haven’t yet led me astray, and I cannot wait to try this!!

  45. Mike Weller says:

    I just made this for my girlfriend and her mum.

    It blew us all away.

    It really is just like ice-cream! I added some strawberries and it was perfect!

    Everyone needs to try this.

  46. Callie T. says:

    yummy! I wasn’t sure it was possible….but BANANARAMA!!!! it WORKS!!! :) The kids have been fooled into thinking it’s real ice ice cream (I topped theirs with sprinkles and mine with roasted sliced almonds!) Thanks for sharing this one! Keep ’em coming! :)

  47. No one believes this when they first hear it. Then they try it.

    • I adjusted the instructions because we have an el-cheapo ice cream maker. I simply blended 5 bananas (not frozen) and placed the puree in the ice cream maker. It turned out awesome! (btw, I didn’t have any chocolate chips, so I added a Hershey Bar afterward).

      We froze the leftovers and the texture was a bit weird – just took about 10 seconds in the microwave. My husband added chocolate syrup, whipped cream & peanuts for his leftovers – great!

      Thanks for providing one of our new favorite recipes.

  48. Stephanie says:

    So I tried this and added mini chocolate chips and chopped walnuts…SO YUMMY! It was yummy just plain too. I was skeptical at first, but I’m glad I tried it!

  49. OMG! I cannot believe how good this is! It is definitely on my list of things to make when my granddaughters come for their visits!

  50. no need to put sugar….then what about the sweetnes…..will it come naturally?

  51. The bananas are sweet enough on their own.

  52. I have tried this before with frozen pineapple and frozen banana and in my opinion it is best when you add both. This is also good with a little coconut milk instead of cow’s milk. Top with toasted shredded coconut and pecans and it is a tropical paradise in your mouth. If it is somehow not sweet enough, raw organic honey works best for sweetening. It can be done in a cheapo food processor as long as you start with short pulses which makes it easier on those of us on a really tight budget.

  53. I’ve been doing this for years…So yummy, too! I have a few different versions of this on my blog (sadly, I haven’t blogged since last summer, but the posts are still there.) You can make variations by adding in whatever fruit you like. It’s also fantastically super creamy when you add in a spoonful of raw almond butter. :~)

  54. 1. I don’t have a food processor. Do you think it would work if I bashed up frozen banana slices in a motar & pestle?

    2. Alternatively, if I mashed the banana first, then put it in the freezer, but mixed it up every 10-20 min or so, do you think that would work?

    Many thanks!

    • Elsie, this took several minutes even in the food processor. I don’t think the mortar and pestle would work.

      The second option sounds interesting. I wouldn’t have thought of it, but it just might work. Only one way to find out. (And please let me know if it works.)

      • I think it worked. Obviously I can’t compare it to one done by a food processor since I don’t have one, but I’m happy with the result.

  55. Your website is really cool but I will never be back…

    If i wanted to sign up for your newsletter, I would have found the link myself.

    This is like when I walk down the street and people start trying to offer me flyers, or stop me while I am shopping asking if I found God.

    Please pull the incredibly rude pop up off your site. Its preventing me from seeing the posts I am not wasting my time hunting for a close button or on your site.

  56. Love the detail you put into your recipe just how forgiving is this to the old calorie counter out there. Ill definitely give it a to when I find the time.

  57. Danielle says:

    This looks so delicious and so healthy! Thanks for finding something so simple! I am so excited to try this. :)

  58. You jerk! I ate this in 1894 riding a refrigerated boxcar from Chicago to Boston. I had hidden among the boxes of recently imported South American bananas, and I was kept warm by bundling myself with blankets I had found covered in ash at the world’s fair a few weeks prior. I had just attended the first ever college basketball game and was running from the police who caught me collecting bets. I shared the train with one Edwin Booth, a decent actor. Oddly, he wore a shirt with the initials JWB. He seemed to also be running from authorities and kept answering to the name John (the cold had us delirious). Sadly, Edwin would die a few months later.

    In any case, when I first felt the pangs of hunger, I tried to take a bite out of a banana which was hardend due to its close proximity to the refrigeration unit. The frozen solid banana chipped my tooth. Angry, I pulled out my pocket knife and repeatedly stabbed the banana until it was a cooled pulp. When I tried it then, I realized I had invented one-ingredient ice cream.

    How dare you not credit me as the originator!?!

    • Orlando, I am deeply sorry. I will be sure to check with you before publishing each new recipe to see if you might have originated one of the ingredients.

  59. Nice!! I have some extra bananas and I was wondering what I could do with them since I do not like many baked goods…
    I have had something similar in a little stand in Kauai on my honeymoon. It was banana and pineapple smoothie and the guy told us it was 100% fruit, so now I know how he makes it :)
    It sure was delicious! Thanks for sharing!!

  60. mmmm looks delicious. i absolutely love homemade banana ice cream, it’s my favorite. its so much nicer than the banana ice cream you get from the shops, which always tastes synthetic (not like real bananas). this looks yum!

  61. Wow! That is a very easy ice cream recipe. The chocolate chips are great. You can’t go wrong with banana and chocolate. When you make your own you can be so creative and add so many different ingredients. If you have children this really encourages them to eat new things and they really love to help.

  62. Holy DRAMA.. people, cool it. Seriously.

    This was amazing!! THanks so much for sharing!

  63. I wish I read your description first. I have a Ninja too and set it on the wrong setting because I got impatient. I’ll now use the pulse mode! I also needed to freeze the bananas and use older bananas. Im going to be buying the markdown bananas from now on. Im on the Feingold diet due to my ADHD so this recipe is a lifesaver since I know theres no preservatives in it, and I crave ice cream!

  64. Not only will I be trying this recipe (which you may or may not have posted first, LMAO!)
    I will definitely be checking out your blog more often! These comments really did have me laughing out loud!!! What a pleasant way to spend my lunch! Thanks!!!

  65. why my ice-cream turn chocolate in colour after the blending process?

    • All I can think is the blender wasn’t completely clean, and something in it caused the banana to oxidize exceptionally fast. As little as a drop or two of lemon-scented dish soap — if it actually contains lemon — could make a difference.

  66. LOVED this recipe. since I’m lactose intollerant, I can’t eat ice cream, but THIS….WOW! YUM! Instead I added Blue Diamond Vanilla Almond milk. Talk about ADDICTING :) Thanks for the recipe…and the interestingly criticizing comment thread lol. Why can’t people just keep things simple and negativity to themselves….?

  67. I put cinnamon and and sometimes a little bit of sugar in mine it is so so yummy, my mom thinks i am crazy but she also hasn’t tried it, she thinks it is silly to eat mashed up frozen bananas like it is ice cream…


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