Lou’s Garden

This is a self-indulgent, no-recipe post. You’ve been warned.

I mentioned yesterday that I was looking forward to harvesting my father-in-law’s garden. He’s already started getting enough out of it to make salad. Like the lettuce in the front here.

And the basil is producing like crazy. Close to time for some pesto.

The girls already know how to find the tomatoes that are ready.

Unfortunately the squirrels also know when they’re ready. This little sack of whatever-the-heck-it-is is the latest attempt to keep the little vermin away.

Hmm, there’s some maple trees growing in there. I’ll have to go pull those.

The peppers aren’t nearly as high as the tomatoes. I thought they’d be higher by now.

But maybe plant height doesn’t matter much. These things are gonna be huge.

And there’ll be plenty of red ones, too.

The potatoes look like they’re doing well, except for that one that the bugs seem to have found.

The zucchini, on the other hand, are downright mutantly-big.

The David is just about ready to harvest.

Ana’s become quite attached to the little guy.

And Winnie thinks it’s cool that she’s taller than him this year.

Maybe this will be the year we keep the raccoons away long enough to get some of the grapes ourselves. (Don’t tell Lou, but I’m not betting on it.)

Maybe I’ll shoot some pictures of my stuff. Or not, it’s pretty embarrassing next to these.

Well, that’s it for my pointless weekend post. See you next week with some more recipes. I’m not sure yet what it’ll be, but I’m betting it will involve the grill at some point.