Introducing Dinneen

I mentioned last week that my next book is coming out soon -- get your free chapter here -- and that I'd be introducing another of my co-authors. Everyone say hi to Dinneen Diette. … [Read more...]

Beet-pickled eggs, and an announcement

The pickled eggs have had enough time in the fridge. It was time to bust them out and try them. … [Read more...]

Interview Available For Download

I mentioned on Wednesday that I did an interview with Doug Hess of Talk Radio 910 WLTP in Parkersburg, WV. I forgot to mention that my wife was born in Parkersburg, and WLTP was my father-in-law's favorite station when they lived there. Small world, isn't it? So, for anyone who's interested, here's an MP3 of the interview. … [Read more...]