Take Cooking Back from the "Experts"

People have been making and eating food as long as there have been people. And food. But somehow we've let ourselves believe that it's something only experts can do "right". What is that all about? Now that the book is done, we can set about fixing that. … [Read more...]

Introducing The Online Pastry Chef

If you're a new reader you might have missed the previous mentions that my second book is just about done. (I've got the cover picked out, and just need to shoot a couple new photos and it's ready.) So it's time to introduce the last two co-authors. … [Read more...]

Introducing Andrew Grygus and Clove Garden

While I'm waiting for my website host to finish upgrading the server that all my photos are on, I've got another co-author to introduce. (If you're starting to think I had a lot of help on the new book, you'd be right. Follow that link to get a free chapter, and to be notified when the book is done and available to order.) … [Read more...]

The Cutest Suits Ever

I had to take a break from introducing my co-authors to share this picture. Aren't they adorable? Of course, when Granny says, "I could just eat you up!" you have to keep an eye on her ... make sure she doesn't try.       Tomorrow I'll return with another introduction. In the meantime, go get the sample chapter. … [Read more...]

Introducing The Reluctant Gourmet

I've already introduced Kristin, who wrote the chapter on canning for my upcoming book, Starting From Scratch. (You can still get that sample chapter.) And I've introduced Dinneen, who wrote about the health benefits of cooking from scratch. Today I'm happy to introduce the next contributor, someone you may have already heard of, The Reluctant Gourmet. … [Read more...]