Introducing Dinneen

I mentioned last week that my next book is coming out soon — get your free chapter here — and that I’d be introducing another of my co-authors.

Everyone say hi to Dinneen Diette.

Hi, Dinneen!

Dinneen is a Weight Loss Coach and certified Health Counselor and can be found at Eat Without Guilt. She’s also got a blog.

She loves cooking, baking and eating wholesome homemade meals. But it wasn’t always that way …

Dinneen spent years dieting and struggling with her weight, and had a kitchen stocked with lite, low-fat, low-calorie, (and low tasting) foods. Her life changed the day she re-discovered food, eating a meal in Italy of homemade ravioli covered in a heavy cream sauce cooked by an Italian mama.

She later developed a true love affair with food & cooking after living and working in France for 5 years. There she learned the basic skills, techniques, and appreciation of cooking — and eating! Gone were the days of counting calories, fat grams, and carbohydrates. She never put on weight but instead learned how to eat without guilt and found the joie de vivre.

She now teaches and empowers anyone searching to make peace with their body, weight and food. She currently conducts seminars and workshops, and speaks to groups across the United States. She also assists clients through her Weight-Loss Success Coaching program.

She can also be found traveling the world in search of a good homemade meal and never declines an invitation to eat at someone’s house.

If you have any questions for Dinneen, ask them below and I’m sure she’ll be happy to answer. If I can start: Dinneen, do you think your career choice was in any way preordained by your last name? (I didn’t say all the questions had to be serious, did I?)