Take Cooking Back from the "Experts"

People have been making and eating food as long as there have been people. And food. But somehow we’ve let ourselves believe that it’s something only experts can do “right”. What is that all about?

Now that the book is done, we can set about fixing that.

If you can follow the directions for setting up your new cell phone, you can follow a recipe.

Which, I suppose, leaves out everyone who’s ever bragged, “Why, back in my day we didn’t have cell phones. We had secretaries!”

Wait, you know what? You can follow a recipe too. Yes, you there with the bow tie and the straw hat.

And you, the one with the platform sneakers and purple streaks in your hair. (Are girls still wearing that stuff this year? Or boys?)

The point is, all the “experts” want to do is show off cool new recipes. They always assume you already know the basics. Things like:

  • What’s the difference between aluminum and cast iron pans?
  • How do you know when to use which kind of knife?
  • What’s the difference between roasting and braising, and what kind of meat should I use for each?

That’s where Starting From Scratch comes in. I’m not saying you’ll go from zero to hero just by reading it, but at least now you’ll know what those self-proclaimed experts are talking about.

And why should you believe me? Well … I lined up some experts of my own. I introduced them here over the last couple of weeks:

For the next three days only, you can get a special preorder discount. The printed version of the book will be $26.95 after the discount, and the ebook will be 16.95. After the book is officially released on Monday, November 2nd, both prices will go up to their published price of $36.95 (printed) and $26.95 (ebook).

Plus, for five randomly selected people who preorder, there will be an additional discount in exchange for giving me a review that I can quote on the site, and possibly on the book cover.*

Go to the preorder page, and enter the discount code “scratch1” for the printed book, or “scratch2” for the ebook to get the discount. If you order multiple copies, that’s $10 off each one. (They make great stocking stuffers.)

I can’t wait to hear what your reaction. Once you get your copy, please drop me a line to tell me what you think of it.

PS: Yes, that’s me on the cover. And yes, I’m mixing bread dough with a potato masher.

PPS: One last time, that page is http://startingfromscratchbook.com/preorder/. The discount code is “scratch1” for the printed book, and “scratch2” for the ebook.
* I’m not asking anyone to say anything they don’t mean. I want honest feedback.