Is It Getting Harder to Hate Walmart?

[No recipe today. Click away if you don't want to read about where our food comes from.] Small business owners and residents of small towns know how Walmart has wiped out thousands of family-owned businesses. Main Street closes up when they can't compete with the constant discounts, and eventually there's only one store in town. What they do to their suppliers hasn't been any prettier. … [Read more...]

Fresh: The Movie

Last week I saw a screening of a Fresh, new documentary by Ana Sofia Joanes. If you follow Michael Pollan the way I do, you already know most of the issues covered, but it's nice to hear about it from the people actually involved. The subject is the way food is produced in the U.S., from "conventional" agriculture -- meaning large-scale industrial monoculture operations -- to more traditional mixed-use farming, to urban gardens in greenhouses on what used to be vacant lots. … [Read more...]