You Can Have Your Own Opinion, You Don’t Get To Have Your Own Facts

Readers Digest ran a short article in their October issue called Why That Salad Costs More than a Big Mac. The main point was: Government subsidies help ensure that healthy food tends to cost more than meals that pack on pounds. I completely agree with that. Unfortunately, the way they arrived at that conclusion is so wrong that I wish they hadn't said anything at all. … [Read more...]

Is real food more expensive?

I'd like to thank Raine at Agriculture Society for pointing me to this chart from Windy Ridge Poultry about the cost of some common junk foods. (Check out the original on their site to read the fine print.) There are two numbers on there that are real eye-openers for me. … [Read more...]

Eat Your Vegetables (And Grow Some, Too)

I'm no fan of the current farm subsidies. We end up with huge monocultures of corn and soybeans, which then have to be stuffed into everything we eat. (Why is there high fructose corn syrup in kielbasi? Check the ingredients, you'll be amazed.) Just as bad, the subsidies only really help the big businesses with all the lobbyists: ADM, Cargill, Monsanto. I'm sure plenty of farmers would be willing to disagree, saying the subsidies keep them in business. But wouldn't the money be just as green … [Read more...]

Free Range Chicken: Promise or Inside Joke?

When you see "free range chicken" on the label, do you think that means they grew up outside -- like in that picture above -- then came home to a roost each night? That's sure what it sounds like, isn't it? Well ... not quite. … [Read more...]

Letter From a Lunch Lady

In last week's newsletter (click here to sign up, if you haven't already) I wrote about school lunch programs, and how they cut costs by serving pre-made food in boxes rather than cooking. I got this letter in response. === I am a lunch lady at my local public school. What you said in your newsletter about schools not wanting to hire people to actually COOK, is correct. They don't want to SPEND THE MONEY on employees taking all the time it would take to make things from scratch, or even … [Read more...]