Is real food more expensive?

I’d like to thank Raine at Agriculture Society for pointing me to this chart from Windy Ridge Poultry about the cost of some common junk foods. (Check out the original on their site to read the fine print.)

There are two numbers on there that are real eye-openers for me.

First is the Kit Kat bar. I was sitting here snacking on some beef jerky when I read the chart. I don’t often buy jerky, because it’s typically about $10 / pound. The part of my brain that comparison shops knows that that’s pretty expensive, especially for a snack.

But the candy bar is nearly that much. And it doesn’t take the edge off an afternoon hunger nearly as well as some dried beef does.

Next is the soda. I could be drinking milk for less than a third of what that soda costs. And I don’t, because I know what milk costs per gallon and it seems expensive — compared to what it was when I first started grocery shopping in college.

How stupid is that?

When I need an afternoon snack, I should be reaching for a block of good cheese, or some jerky. Maybe even cashews, usually a holidays-only luxury that also comes in at about $10 / pound. Any one of those tastes better, is more satisfying, and — hey look at that — is probably cheaper, too.