Recipe Tips (and a video bonus)

Today I’ve got a couple from Barbara. You might remember her recipes for Mom Gorman’s Hot Rolls or the story of how the Gormans make applesauce. Today she’s got some great sauce/gravy tips.

Take it away, Barbara.

Have you made Salmon Cakes yet … from canned salmon? My “tip” is in regard to the “juice” the salmon is packed in … everyone throws it out! Not I.

Drain the salmon and put the broth in a small saucepan. Bring to a simmer. Make a roux (butter and flour) and thicken the broth (as thick or thin as you like, if at all, actually). Add a touch of cream or evaporated milk for creaminess (again, optional). Season with dried dill. Love dill with salmon!

Make the salmon cakes with crushed saltines and eggs. Season with dried dill, salt and pepper. Pan fry. Serve with the sauce. Yummy, cheap and quick dinner!

Oh, potato broth!

Everyone throws that broth out, too!! What a waste of nutrients!

I drain my boiled potatoes but reserve the broth to use when I make my gravy for whatever meat I’m having. Even if I’m not having meat, or a meat that doesn’t require a gravy (like meatloaf maybe?), I make a gravy from the potato broth for the mashed potatoes … gotta have gravy with mashed!!!

Add a little cream or evaporated milk … but the potato broth is the flavor. Or combine the potato broth with canned chicken broth and thicken for gravy, with dairy being optional.


Back to Drew here. I know the potato water for gravy tip, but for some reason I never think to do it. I’m writing this here in hopes that I’ll make myself remember next time I’m making mashed potatoes.

And on a completely different note … I just found a video I shot last year that I don’t think I ever published. So here it is.