More About Grass Fed Beef

A couple of days ago, I wrote about grass fed beef. I compared it favorably to the corn fed beef found in most supermarkets. The responses I got were mostly supportive of what I said, with one notable exception. Laura's family raises corn fed beef, and she took exception with how I described the process. My position is admittedly academic, in that it's almost entirely based on what I've read. Laura's response -- actually her husband's -- comes from first-hand experience actually raising … [Read more...]

Grass Fed Steakburgers

When you cook from scratch, you're eventually going to notice that not all ingredients are created equal. Fresh tomatoes from your backyard are not like the perfectly-round, perfectly-red, perfectly flavorless ones at the grocery store. Some brands of flour rise more than other brands. Is your pasta made from "hard winter wheat" or "100% durum semolina"? Or are they the same thing? Eventually it will occur to you that maybe beef isn't all the same either. You've probably noticed "Angus" on … [Read more...]