My Remarkable Pepper Harvest

After the pictures I posted recently of my meager pepper plants, you might be surprised to see that awesome harvest above. I know I was.

And just look at the size of this beauty.

Now look at the … Hey, where are you going? No wait, don’t go around … Stop! Don’t look from the side!

Okay, so they were mostly small. And I used a cheap camera trick (“forced perspective” if you want to be technical) to make it look better.

What the hell do you do with peppers that small? I don’t think you can even use that for a garnish.

Well, at least I got several big ones that I can use for …

Well, crap. Freakin’ squirrels. This has been a disappointing year. I’m so glad I don’t have to depend on my gardening skills to feed my family.

I think I’m going to do some pickled peppers. Anybody got a good recipe they can share?