More Food Tips

Behold, the humble coffee filter. Durable, cheap, lint-free, and you’ve probably already got them in your kitchen. If you don’t, you should get some — even if you don’t drink coffee. Why?

  • Cover food in the microwave.
  • Filter broken cork out of wine.
  • Filter cooking grease for re-use. (See my post on how to render and store bacon fat. I hadn’t thought to use a coffee filter.)
  • Weigh bulk foods. Put the filter on your scale before adding herbs, flour or sugar.
  • Make an herb sachet to place in soup.

And how about some non-food uses?

  • Put between fine china plates when storing to prevent scratches.
  • Place in a cast-iron skillet to absorb moisture and prevent rust.
  • Wrap Christmas ornaments for storage.
  • Line plant pots before adding soil to keep it from leaking out the drain holes.
  • Sprout seeds. Wrap the seeds in the filter, moisten it, place in a plastic bag until they sprout.
  • Blotting paper for pressed flowers.

And because they’re lint-free, you can use them instead of paper towels for:

  • Cleaning windows, mirrors and chrome.
  • Applying shoe polish.
  • Holding tacos and other messy finger foods.
  • Disposable popcorn bowl.

They’re also pretty useful for making coffee.