How To Cook Out for 300 People


Because I was up late for my cookout, I wasn’t able to make it for the beginning of the Ox Roast. That thing starts early! By the time I got down to the park, the beef had already been on the spit for 13 hours.

And just look at that crust.

Andy and Scott handled the carving again.

I could pull up a chair to the carving table. Give me a sharp knife and a jar of horseradish sauce and stay out of the way.

Things got a little too hectic while the crowd was coming through for the first round for me to get any pictures. After it settled down, Steve stepped in for the second shift on the slicer.

Imagine how full we all were that we left three pans of this for sandwiches the next day.

The table full of sides gets fuller each year. It used to be one table, now it’s six.

And with the perfect weather, we had a really nice turnout. Click the picture below for a large shot of the crowd just after dinner. I hadn’t planned on sticking the two pictures together that make up this shot, so excuse the rough join between them.

And with that, the summer season is over. Time to put away the sandals and take out the snow brushes. If history is any guide, we’ve got about a month-and-a-half until the first snow.


  1. I don’t eat much meat, but holy cow, that looks good!

    Kim in AK

  2. MeadowLark says:

    This actually made my mouth water. I am so pathetic.

  3. With the way the light is hitting that pan, it looks like the meat is being touched by God.

    Maybe it was . . .I wouldn’t know, because I wasn’t there.

  4. A month and a half until snow fall? I’ve never loved living on the coast more. I get irritated when snow lingers for more than a few days. And snow in Oct/Nov? Hell no.

  5. Ha-ha … “holy cow”, I get it. Cause it’s a cow, right? Right? (I’m so lame.)

    Meadowlark, when I posted the Memorial Day set, a friend told me his taste buds squirted. He’s a bit strange, though.

    Kristin, maybe it was … Maybe. It. Was.

    Sweet Bird, I don’t need to hear any weather bragging from the left coast. I know it sucks here. Try not to rub it in, m’kay?

    (And speaking of weather, I’m surprised no one noticed I originally posted about the “perfect whether” we had. I’m looking at the proofreaders out there.)

  6. Oh, you can bet I noticed. I just don’t make it a habit of pointing out other people’s mistakes unless they ask me to. And pay me, usually. But I’ll point out yours FOR FREE, because I’m generous like that. You just say the word and I’ll provide the criticism.


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