How To Cook Out for 60 People

I’m old now. I can wear black socks with shorts if I want. I can hike my pants up to my nipples, and dadgummit I can yell at those damn kids to GET OFF MY LAWN if I want. Yup, I’m 40.

So what did I do for my birthday? I cooked for 60 people, of course. If you’re doing the same, you’d be smart to have them bring the sides. Like that raspberry/blueberry Jello centerpiece up top. I didn’t know people still made things like that.

While your guests make themselves comfortable (and no, that’s not all of them) …

… fire up the grill. And answer at least seven people asking, “What, you got stuck cooking at your own party?”

Slap some pre-made burgers down, as many as you can fit on the grill at once. Unless you’ve got a really new and/or really expensive grill, you’ve got a hotspot. Unload the first ones done …

… and keep going on the rest.

When you’re done with the burgers, reload with brats and hot dogs.

Do a second round of everything while your mother-in-law loads everything onto a table with some paper plates and plastic forks.

And that’s it.

PS: Thanks for letting me post my birthday pics and claim it’s a “How To” article. 🙂