How To Chop Romain Lettuce

I’ve spent more time than I care to remember laboriously peeling off leaves of Romaine one by one. Then splitting them down the spine so there weren’t any big, nasty pieces in the salad.

This week I suddenly realized I’d been wasting a lot of time doing it by hand. I must have had the iceberg lettuce post on my mind.

So this time, after peeling the few outer leaves that were a little bruised, I just chopped off the tips.

The ends of the leaves are always floppy and sad anyway. Then cut lengthwise through the spines all the way around.

Yes, this means I only cut the spines on the outermost layer. It didn’t seem to matter. Last was to chop down the length in sections a bit under an inch right down to the core.

And that’s it.

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