Chive Blossom Vinegar, Part 2

Three weeks ago I stuffed a couple of dozen chive blossoms in a bottle and filled it with white vinegar. I expected the color to be really nice, and the flavor to be pretty much like plain vinegar. I was half right. The color is nice. But the flavor is even more intense than the color.

I waited nearly a week to get a nice clear day to take the pictures. You can see against the blue sky just how deep the color is in the vinegar.

As soon as I opened it there was a strong smell of onion, even more so than you get with fresh chives. With the spout I’ve got on this bottle, I can pour directly onto my salad and not worry too much about getting pieces of the blossom. But there is a fair amount of cloudiness in the bottom. Next time I do this I’ll steep the blossoms in a different jar, then filter it when I pour it into the serving bottle.

A little olive oil and a little (very little) of this vinegar and I’ve got a really tasty salad dressing.

This isn’t quite it for this vinegar. I’ve got a few other ideas for what to use it in. It’s so strongly flavored I’m a bit worried about ruining dishes with it. Sign up using the form in the column at the right to get the updates. I’ll post anything I try, whether it works out or not.