What’s your favorite fad recipe

Last week was crazy with all the comments on the World’s Easiest Ice Cream Recipe. One of the emails I got had a really interesting idea in it:

People love nutty novel cooking ideas … (recipes) that are easy. I am thinking back over the years … the impossible pie craze … the dump cake craze … that recipe where chopped broccoli was combined with cracker crumbs and you got this weird casserole … the sau-sea shrimp cocktail dumped on the brick of cream cheese … you get my drift. How about an email or 2 on these culinary wonders that have danced through our kitchens in the last 40 years?

What a great idea. I know you’ve got one of these gems written down somewhere. Maybe it’s your go-to recipe whenever you go to a potluck. Whatever it is, I want to hear it.

If you remember where you got the idea, include that. If not, then whatever you can remember.

I’ll start

Chicken Divan. My wife says she had this at least once a week all through high school. And in her family it’s “Chicken Divine”. You can tell them they’ve got it wrong. It’s not my recipe.